Put Yourself First (it's LESS selfish that way!)

Put Yourself First (it's LESS selfish that way!)

Do you feel yourself pulled in every direction, everyone needing something from you? That is very common for women. You feel like you need to put everyone else first, work, spouse, and children. There is a lot of pressure to make everything Pinterest-perfect, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for you! Burning the candle at all ends just leaves you exhausted and frustrated, and you don’t want that!

Here are 20 things we do to put ourselves first!!

1. Getting nails done
2. Going shopping or window shopping
3. Virtual races and working out
4. Read a book
5. Enjoy a meal cooked by someone else
6. Have a leisurely bath
7. Go to sleep early
8. Take a walk
9. Give yourself a facial
10. Buy yourself flowers
11. Do a light yoga routine
12. Lay in the sunshine
13. Write in your journal or gratitude book
14. Do a puzzle or crossword
15. Watch a sappy chick flick
16. Have a cup of coffee
17. Try something new
18. Dance
19. Bake cupcakes (protein cupcakes work too!)
20. Get dolled up- hair, make-up, and outfit (Get it girl!)

We want you to know that it is not selfish to put yourself first, it is actually the kindest thing you can do for your family as well as yourself!! If mom’s happy, everyone’s happy!! We want our children to look to us and know from our example that they can do it all too. It won’t all be perfect, far from it, but when they see us happy, they know that they can be happy too when they grow up.

Make yourself happy, it is the best gift you can give.

Anna & Elisha

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  • Christa: October 07, 2017

    I love this list! Over the past few months I have been working on putting me first because I’m definitely the type of person to put others in front of me. You just gave me some other great ideas I can do ?

  • Sherry...Mom....Honey...Moomaw...Baggage Service agent...sister...Aunt...friend...neighbor...stranger...: October 06, 2017

    As I sit waiting on my youngest grandchild Waverly to wake up at 6:40 am post ( her Mom, Savannah ,my youngest daughter’s) tummy tuck surgery, I knew this was a must read for me. Day 4 post surgery and having done a 50k this past weekend camping on a horse ranch in a tent I pitched myself ( LOL ) , feeling guilty that I left everyone behind. My handy cap husband of 25 years and my 7 year old 120 lb Weimeraner who is needy oh so needy!!! My sister hospitalized and my granddaughters softball games that I would miss.
    I have been on vacation for a month and a half and it hasn’t been a vacation at all. Though we did not flood during Harvey and so grateful that we did’nt , the first 3 weeks were met with horror and worry and so much devistation all around. There was actually guilt because we didn’t flood! Our Cruise that we had been looking forward to for a year had to be postponed for another year due to the destinations that we had chose were wiped out. Key West and the Bahamas. We have been to Mexico and the earthquakes there didn’t make it appealing either. So we chose to postpone.
    Last ditch effort to have a vacation was the attempt to run 31.2 miles and camp in a tent. Best choice I made for myself on this whole 2 month vacation.
    Thanks for the list….I needed it today!

  • Annie Campbell: September 20, 2017

    Thank you so much for the list of putting yourself first. I was thinking last night at 2am that I have not put myself first in a very long time. and today I see a email from you. You guys are amazing and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a franchise owner it gets tough. I will make sure starting today I will start with number 1 and work my way through the list, make it a priority every week. I cant thank you enough.

    Love Annie :)

  • Jac: September 19, 2017

    I love this list. So true.

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