It's Skincare time!

It's Skincare time!

Alright ladies let’s talk skin care!!! 2021 Squad Leader put together some great tips and tricks on where in the world to even start. We totally support all skin types, products, etc. so this is just simply a guide on where to start. 

I have a world of knowledge on this subject and have had skin care routine since I was 13. That has involved all different scopes of product lines. I am now getting ready to hit 43.

The number one thing to having great skin is...WATER. It sounds so cliché but its true, the more water you drink the more your body filters out the bad toxins for clear skin and helps with elasticity.

The second most important thing for skin, is sunscreen!! There is no reason you should not be putting it on your face everyday when you step outside. This is going to help prevent age spots, and discoloration, which will make you appear older.

The third item, do you know your skin type? Are you dry, oily, a combination between the two? Knowing this important key factor will help you in the long run. You will be able to customize your routine better. And get only the products you need.

The fourth item, a great facewash that helps to wash away makeup and grime, or even a face scrub and then a wash. I personally scrub lightly, then facewash to make sure all makeup, sweat, lotion, daily grime is off my face at night. In the morning I just wash it.

The fifth item you need for your face, is a great moisturizer. You may have to try a few or ask a skin care person to help you. You need one tailored to your skin type as well. And really you only need 1 unless you get one with sunscreen, then you should have a separate one for nighttime.

The sixth item, a great eye product that meets the needs you are looking for. Do you have dark circles, puffiness, or wrinkles? Maybe find one that helps all 3.

I personally have a different routine for day and night. I always wash twice daily, regardless of how tired I am. I always wash the face!!!

I start out the day with a good facewash to take off all lotions for the night, and the sweat/ grime from working out. I then use a separate hyaluronic acid moisturizer, and then a face lotion with SPF already in it, then I apply an eye cream. After I may or may not put my makeup on, depending on the day.

When night comes, I again will wash, but I start with a makeup remover or baby wipe to help discard any makeup I may have on or skip this if I didn’t apply any that day. I use a light scrub to slowly massage my face and open the pores to get the gross layers of stuff off so its soft and ready for a wash. I then use my face wash again going slow and slightly massaging the face. I personally use a Vitamin C serum to help with discoloration, and then apply an anti-aging cream, and finish off with my eye cream. And then of course start over in the morning.

I always try to get my water in, it does not always happen, but I try. I try not to touch the face to transfer more dirt and grime when necessary. And all my products are tailored to my skin type. And of course, adequate sleep will help with puffiness as well. Please feel free to ask questions, I will help as best as I can.




Johanna Osborne


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