Routines... A few helpful tips...

Routines... A few helpful tips...

Hey FIP babes! It's a new month and well it's a fresh start girl. So we teamed up with a long FIP babe and now ambassador to tell us how to make a routing and stick to it!

The words schedule or routine can be frustrating for many because well it can be a daunting task to plan and stick to them. Creating a routine is actually a very healthy and helpful tool once you get it down. Here are a couple ways to help create and stick to YOUR own individual plan.Quarantine has everyone out of whack and I think we are realizing how much we appreciate having somewhat of a normal routine. 

Here are some things that I have found helpful and I hope they can help you too.

Color code your day on a planner or calendar. This can be a great tool for those of you who find themselves being a little bit OCD. This tool can be great to visually see your day on paper and not just as scattered thoughts running through our brain. Block off times for work, school, sports, YOUR WORKOUT time, personal development, etc. Whatever your personal life looks like try to color code each subject to keep them separated, but giving you enough time in your day to get them done. 

I've found color coding allows me to stop and give ample amount of time to each thing I find important in my daily life.

Make sure you create a block of time in your day for YOU. Moms out there, I know this feels like it is an impossible task, but I promise it is possible. Start with ONE hour of your day and dedicate it to a good workout, or just self reflecting time and personal development time. Do not make this naptime. Try to make this a time of personal growth mentally or physically. This in turn makes us happier in our daily lives. 

Don’t drive yourself crazy over the ‘schedule’. If you can’t get something done, don’t fret just take a deep breath and start fresh tomorrow. We are only human, but creating a routine is healthy for you. If you are a parent the kids love it too whether they admit it or not. Do not lose your mind if you had a plan to begin lunch at noon and you don’t start until 12:05. It is OK. Look at your schedule as more of an outline and it will relieve a lot of stress we tend to add to ourselves. 

Add something fun to your routine that you look forward to daily or weekly. For example,  on Monday’s you get to do your favorite workout at 7pm whether that be a fun HIIT class, a relaxing yoga class, or a long run. Choose something like a date night with your spouse once a week, so you have something positive to look forward to during your week to keep you going.

I hope these tips encourage you to create a fun but efficient routine you can follow daily. We as humans thrive on normalcy and quarantine has broken that for many of us. Don’t let this time of unknown get you down. Don’t feel guilt that your schedule doesn’t look like a friend or family members. Adjust to your new normal and create what works for your personal life. Make it creative, make it fun, make it doable. We’re in this together! 

You got this Flex It Pink Family!

Heather David


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  • Kayla: June 15, 2020

    I can agree more with this!!! My kids thrive during routine and EVERYONE can tell when it’s been screwed up!

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