Favorite pieces of equipment

Favorite pieces of equipment

Soooo.... gyms are slowly opening and we are so excited for that! We wanted to make sure thought that if you are still crushing those workouts from home that you had some ideas on what some of the must have pieces are so we teamed up with one of our Ambassadors to share with you some of the pieces she can't live without!
3 of my favorite exercise equipment pieces that I can not live without!
- 15lb Slam Ball is great for a full body workout and has so many benefits. It conditions and refines muscles in your body while adding a little cardio. I enjoy using it while I do Russian Twists to target abs. Don’t be afraid to toss it or throw it against a wall too! It works muscles I never even knew I had!! 
-10lb Kettlebell is my go to for several workouts especially bent over rows. I do both sides and switch to upright rows. It’s also a good full body cardio workout. Kettlebell crunch and Figure 8 targets your abs. I can take my kettlebell with me and when I get a few minutes I’ll work on a few things and they are usually smaller and easy to travel with. 
-Bosu Ball is a fun and challenging full body workout. It has a platform on one side and a dome on the other. It adds an element of instability to my workouts, forcing me to use my core to steady myself. I use both sides of the Bosu Ball for different workouts. My favorite is doing squats on the dome side, and push-ups on the flat side!! 
I hope this inspires you to pick up some fun new pieces! 
I am blessed and honored to represent Flex it Pink and LOVE all of the motivation, inspiration and making new friends throughout my journey🥰
Much Love,
Tiffanie Starcher, Flex it Pink Ambassador 

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  • Kayla Peura: July 06, 2020

    Great info Tiff!!! Your optimism is so contagious!!! Thank you for that smile everyday:)

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