DETOX your life with FIP - Week 2 - Phone and Social Media

DETOX your life with FIP - Week 2 - Phone and Social Media

Phone and Social Media Detox Week..... What the what? How do I detox those bad boys? 

Last week marked the beginning of our summer detox series by decluttering the spaces around us.  This week we want to further simplify our lives by taking a break from our phones and the social media sites that continue to consume us. 

In a world filled with mindless memes, filtered photos, and ten second stories, it’s hard to escape from the instant entertainment that social media provides.  Spare minutes to spare hours are now spent sharing the stories of our lives while discovering the ins and outs of everyone else’s.  Mornings in bed are devoted to junk mail and instagram feeds, seconds at stoplights are spent viewing snapchat stories, and time waiting in line is a new opportunity to scroll through facebook and twitter.  While social media certainly allows us to connect like never before, it may be preventing us from leading more mindful and healthier lives. 

Research shows the benefits of being away from your phone and/or social media may be worth taking the time away from our digital desires.  By slowly cutting back on the amount of time we spend on our phones, we could see improvements in our lives such as better sleep, reduced anxiety, decreased feelings of depression, and even a greater desire to exercise.  Not to mention we will be far more engaged and present in our daily lives, filling our time with more of the things we love to do! Like reading FIP blogs.

Of course, eliminating social media and saying goodbye to our phones is not realistic, and, quite frankly, not something we want to do. It's how we are able to connect with our community and provide great value to all of you beauties! However, we can reduce the time we spend on our phones and begin to reap the benefits of a more balanced life.  Therefore, we encourage all of you to take the next seven days to follow our phone and social media detox.

7 Day Phone and Social Media Detox

Day 1: Unfollow, unfriend, and unsubscribe to make your social media more meaningful and personal.

Day 2: Turn off your cellular data for social media apps. 

Day 3: Refrain from using your phone one hour before going to bed. 

Day 4: Keep your phone away during all meals.

Day 5: Stay off of social media all day. (Or half, three quarters, a quarter?) 

Day 6: Try to be phone free all day! (This one is hard with kiddos but, if they are home with you, try it you won't regret it.)

Day 7: Reflect on your week and evaluate your needs for social media and your phone. 

While phones are a necessity and social media is quite entertaining, reducing our attachment to each could truly be beneficial to our bodies and minds.  So, take this week to gradually disconnect and live more in the moment. You’ll never know what you’ll discover beyond the screen!

We have an idea though....


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  • Amanda Rauckhorst: July 17, 2018

    I unfollowed every person I know, every page I know, but a few. Disney and a few other running and Disney-ish pages, are the only ones I see on my feed anymore, and I’ve got to say…’s LIBERATING!!! No politics. No one saying “if you’re like this, you’re wrong or a bad person”. It’s been honest to God so wonderful! Trust me, I’m still following FlexItPink ! <3

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