Goals, Planning and Saying Eff you to the Scale!


Setting goals is a powerful plan that can lead you to success. Goal setting is a long term vision and short term motivation on what you want your life to look like. You cannot succeed without goals, lets define these two words. Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Success: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. We want to make this very important point that in your health and fitness goals, your goal should never be just a number on the scale. “Often, dieters set up "no-win" situations for themselves by having unrealistic expectations about how "perfect" they can be and how much weight they can lose. These statements may seem innocent, but if they form the foundation of the way you approach goals, you are in store for serious disappointment.” - Editors of Consumer Guide. No-win situations can easily happen when your goal is to lose 20lbs.  Having an ideal weight is not completely bad in itself.  But your goal shouldn’t revolve around a set weight to lose. This can be demotivating when you've worked your butt off all week and see little progress on the scale towards your number goal.  Often times this can derail your healthy lifestyle change before it even gets started.  Just remember it’s a slow process, it takes time and patients. Release the need for immediate results. We as women seem to think that when we reach this ideal number on the scale that this magic beam of light will shine down and our life problems will forever be fixed. Well sorry to disappoint you all, but that’s just not the case. What will shine light on your life, are positive lifestyle changes. Setting goals that will change your life and not a number on your scale. Set active goals like walking/running a certain amount of miles per week, eating a green at every meal, eliminating an unhealthy habit from your life. These are goals that will change you and these are lifestyle changes that will not disappoint you like that forever changing number on the scale. Flex it Pink created the Virtual 5K’s for this reason and we have proven success. We have had women sign up for our virtual 5K’s who set them as a goal for themselves. They set out to complete 3.1 miles without stopping, or only stopping a certain number of times, of even just complete the whole 3.1 miles for the first time ever. What’s amazing to see is these women have moved on to bigger goals after finishing our 5K’s. We have seen them move onto 10K’s, half marathons, even full marathons! To see their goals, their eyes open to visions that were once unimaginable.


A key factor in all of these Flex it Pink Beauties who accomplished their 5K goals was in their planning. You can find 5K training plans online like the one here. What we do know for sure is that these women’s  plans and goals for their 5K did not include a number on the scale, because a certain number on the scale would have never helped them complete their 5K. Our 2nd Annual Pink Pumpkin 5K is in PINK October where we will be Running for the Boobies will open for registration on August 10th. We encourage you to set some goals for this run, and follow through with the plan. Settings realistic goals that you can achieve will motivate you and once you achieve them they open a new belief in yourself to set higher goals, goals that scare you! Those are the goals when you accomplish them you never felt more alive. We encourage you to set goals, and create a healthy plan to achieve those goals. We encourage you to set a high goals for your health and fitness, and pay no attention to any numbers on the scale. Fuel your body with lots of water,  proper nutrition and continue to cross train/strength train. Set those weekly miles and you will notice a difference that’s far more rewarding than any number on a scale will give you.




Flex it Pink

 Pink Pumpkin 5K early Bird Registration opens August 10th. 2014



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