Last week we wrote about the value of female friendships (check out our blog: The Importance of Female Friendships to learn more). But we realize that with busy schedules and tight budgets, making time for our girlfriends without breaking the bank is not the simplest of tasks. Therefore, we decided to share with all of you a list of our top seven go-to ways of having inexpensive girls days.


Sometimes going to the mall doesn’t have to be a spending fiasco. In fact, regularly we head to the mall without spending a dime. Malls provide the perfect environment for walking around, simply talking, and gathering wardrobe and home ideas. When you give yourself a budget to stick with, you can get more out of your shopping experience as well. Plus, if you are really trying to avoid spending, window shopping can be just as fun!


Who doesn’t love a nice pedicure, especially when you have your friends at your side? Treating ourselves to a pedicure every so often is the perfect way to escape the office and get a chance to relax with each other. Not to mention we deserve a little pampering, even if it’s in the smallest form! See our blog: Put Yourself First (It’s LESS Selfish That Way) for more ideas on taking care of yourself.


Recently hiking has become a bit of a trend, and in our opinion it deserves to be! Hitting the trails is not only good for our cardiovascular health, but its benefits extend to our mental health as well. And when you add your girlfriends to the mix, hiking can be even more enjoyable. While we know summiting a mountain or exploring a national park isn’t always a viable option, taking a neighborhood trail or a park greenway is still a great way to clear your mind and get out with your girls!


Running? Us? We know you are all aware of the value we place on running (check out our blog: Benefits of Running ), but did you know we think of it as an excellent addition to a girls day? Not only is it a healthy way to spend time together, but it allows us to push each other and become more accountable to our fitness goals. And if you start your run and decide you would much rather be drinking a coffee or chatting over breakfast, go for it, we’ve done that too!


While we absolutely love our job, we too admit that spending every day in the office can be rough. But luckily with product sourcing, we can book business trips that allow us to get out of town and learn more about the companies we are considering working with. Of course not everyone has the opportunity to work with their best friend and schedule their way out of the office. However, we can all plan ways to go somewhere new with each other and have miniature girlfriend adventures.


Like most people, we love coffee! But what we love even more is sharing coffee dates with our friends. Coffee shops allow us to get out of the house or take a break from work to socialize in a soothing environment. While a drink may only cost a few dollars, you and your girlfriends can stay and chat for as long as you please.


There is something about lunch dates that are oh-so enjoyable. Maybe it’s because we just love food, but it could also be the fact that sharing a meal with friends somehow makes everything taste better. Whether you decide to try a

brand new restaurant or resort back to your usual spot, having lunch with your girlfriends is another wonderful way to catch up and have something to look forward to each week without being unkind to your budget.

While our list only provides a few of our favorite ways to spend time together, there are so many options for hanging out with your girlfriends without breaking the bank. We hope reading our top seven go-to ways inspires you to consider all the possibilities for having a girls day the inexpensive way.

Anna & Elisha 


  • Shananda Pendleton: July 02, 2018

    This is so true! Our cups get empty and there are so many ways to fill them up! Sometimes we need our family, children, friends, coworkers, Sister friends or even just ourselves. It’s important to take that time even if it’s just for a hug, a quick text, Phone call or a lunch or dinner date as you mentioned! Today I’ll be hanging out with my daughter which is a long time coming. She will soon be heading out to her new naval assignment in Japan so I’m taking this time to fill my cup To sustain me during her 21 month absence! Thank you ladies so much for the motivational Monday! Glad I said yes to FIP!

  • Robin Green: July 02, 2018

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing

  • Shannon: July 02, 2018

    Hi Ladies,

    I told you how excited I was to get the Run For The Heros leggings/capris, well I just ordered them!! Husband got $50 worth or mineral rock for deer so I ordered these☺️. I am beyond excited to receive them! I know others have done many more but having health issues made it hard to run/walk any amount let alone a 5k, plus I’ve never liked running🤣! Since I’ve joined FIP I’ve run/walked 13 5ks where I have received a bib and I’ve done almost as many just because! Thank you for what you ladies do it’s bc of you (and the Run For The Heros medal last year) I decided to join and begin running! I run what I can and walk what I can’t run but it’s enjoyable to me now and I love that some of the money spent every month for this subscription goes towards a good cause and I love that you use woman based companies! Thank you so much ladies!!

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