Do Early Morning Workouts Really Burn More Calories?

Everyone agrees that exercise at any time is better than no time. Some people swear by their 6am sweat session, while others would gladly skip out on the worms if you catch our drift. The truth is that there is no reliable evidence that prove exercise at a certain time of day actually burns more calories. The key is to pick a time of day that you can stick to and it becomes a habit.


There is actually science behind when your body will burn more calories but it varies in every body and it may not work best for your schedule. So when people tell you that you will burn more calories in the morning that is just not the case…. “It is the influence of circadian rhythms on body temperature that seems to yield the most control over the quality of a workout. When body temperature is at its highest, your workouts will likely be more productive; when your temperature is low, chances are your exercise session may be less than optimal. Body temperature is at its lowest about one to three hours before most of us wake up in the morning, in contrast to late afternoon when body temperature reaches its peak. (To determine your own circadian peak, refer to the box to the right.) Studies have consistently shown that exercise during these late-in-the-day hours produces better performance and more power. Muscles are warm and more flexible, perceived exertion is low, reaction time is quicker, strength is at its peak and resting heart rate and blood pressure are low.Read more here


Consistency is KEY If you are a regular exerciser, you may have already determined your most productive time to exercise and follow a routine that works best for you. Research from the American council on Exercise has shown that those who get their sweat session in before their day starts are more consistent in their routine and exercise more often than those who exercise at other times of the day. After your workout you are more likely to make healthy nutrition choices therefore getting your workout on in the A.M. can have a trickle effect that can last all day. However, if you are not a morning person, your workouts will suffer by lack of intensity and minutes missed from hitting the snooze button. With all that being said the best time of day to exercise is the time of day that you can commit to EVERY DAY!


Not Enough Time for a Workout Let’s face we are all busy these days but there are still people who swear that their daily schedule is jam packed and there is just no room to fit in a workout.  If this is the case for you here are some tips that can accumulate calorie burns throughout the day... Park in the parking spot farthest away from the store as possible and briskly walk to the front; get in a quick high intensity sweat session on your lunch break, or briskly walk around your work building during lunches and breaks; do a quick 5 minute routine when you wake up or go to bed; jog around the field at your child’s baseball practice; or skip out on the evening news and fit in a you tube workout. It all adds up and your body will benefit from the calories burned.  Remember the most important of all is your nutrition. You cannot out work a bad diet.  Make healthy choices and be active, your body will thank you. Bottom line is consistency is key! Just keep moving, make your workout a routine habit and stick to it. Now go out there and make those little calories scream!



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