5 Tips to JumpStart your Health and Fitness Lifestyle

Hello Ladies and welcome to Flex it Pink. If you don’t know much about us you can scroll through our past blogs and read a little more about how and why we started Flex it Pink. Anna and I (Elisha) are very passionate about helping women cross over to the health and fit lifestyle. This particular post is dedicated to those who are just getting into it, just browsing the internet seeing if this is something you are really ready to commit to, let us just tell you right now… YES you are ready, you need to jump and let your wings carry you on the way down. If you are thinking about starting a new chapter in your life, if you are thinking about making yourself and your health a priority then you are in the right place and we have five simple steps to help jumpstart your way to a strongHer you.
  1. Set GOALS
These goals are going to be small achievable goals. For example your first goal could be to commit to exercising 3 days a week, or walking for 30 minutes after work every other day. Write your goals down somewhere you will see them every day. For example post them on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator so you will be reminded that you made a commitment to yourself to better yourself. Every month review your small goals and if you completed them reward yourself with something that is fun but gets you further in your goals, for example new walking shoes or workout clothes. We heard that www.FlexitPink.com has some wonderful motivational apparel to keep you working towards your goals. goals1
  1. Consistent
This is where you schedule in time for yourself every day. You need to pick a time that works best for you. This will be different for everyone. For example I wake up at 5am every morning to finish my work out before my kids wake up for school. Anna gets her “me” time in before she picks her kids up from school. Just make sure you make that time a priority and stick with it. consistency
  1. Find an Activity You Love
There are so many fun and exciting ways to get healthy and fit. Anna like to lift weights, I on the other hand love the outdoors, anything from hiking, running, biking. Anything that gets my heart pumping outdoors, I love to do. There is something out there that you love. You will just have to try new things until you find it. Remember there is NO WRONG WAY TO SWEAT. do what you love
  1. Nutrition
Your food is FUEL! To start we recommend keeping track of everything you put into your body. There are some awesome free apps out there that make it very easy to track your daily food intake. I like to use MyFitnessPal.  You can then review daily log and see what foods are empty calories, for example sodas and sugary drinks. These have no nutritional value to your body. Try to replace these empty calories with water. Eliminate fast foods completely from your diet. If you do need to grab something fast try to plan ahead and bring fruits, nuts, health bars, etc with you. There are also fast healthy options out there just remember to try to stay away from places that have fried food on their menu. J nurioush
  1. Find a Support System
This is very hard for most people and we know because we started Flex it Pink for this exact reason. Having someone support you in your goals will take you very far in your journey. Just know that if no one else will cheer for you or encourage you in this journey all you need to do is come to Flex it Pink. Post a photo on Instagram with hashtag #FlexitPink, or in our Facebook group or timeline and we are right there cheering for you, alongside all the amazing women who are in our community. We have had great online fitness friendships grow into real life friendships from meeting likeminded people within our Flex it Pink community. Know that you are not alone, it’s a long HARD journey, but you are absolutely 100% WORTH IT! women supportFlex it Pink is community of women who have each others back! We come in all ages, shapes, and sizes with one GOAL to be a better woman than yesterday. Now that you have all the basics covered to get started on this new lifestyle journey, we hope you keep us updated and share your progress with us. Check out our Facebook and Instagram on our #PINKtransfomration Tuesday to see and hear from people who have had amazing journeys and are doing it just like you starting with small steps that all add up to big results and success.



Flex it Pink

Elisha & Anna


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  • SuperLean Fitness: August 23, 2016

    Good post, these are great tips people commonly neglect

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