July 2021 - Core Challenge

July 2021 - Core Challenge

Hey  ladies, it's time to work those cores! Your core strength will help you in all aspects of life, not just in the gym, so it's important to keep it strong!

This challenge is a wide variety of various core exercises designed to hit all of the muscles in your core! Post a post-workout selfie, or a time lapse of you knocking these out these core exercises in our Facebook group to encourage others to keep up with the challenge! 


Tips & Tricks:

  • Pick a time each day you plan on completing your daily challenge. It could be first thing in the morning, or later on during your workout.
  • Start your workout with these! Take on this challenge when you're feeling fresh and motivated.
  • If you're feeling adventurous and want to push yourself even more, you can double this challenge. So multiple all of the reps by 2 and make that your new challenge!
  • Don't forget to focus on good form, and control your breathing while you complete the reps each day.


I'll attach the printable version below, I recommend printing out and and hanging it somewhere visible (like on your fridge or bathroom mirror). Cross off every day you complete and give yourself a big high five every time you do!



  • Holly A Galvan: August 30, 2021

    Is there a video to show examples of these exercises? Some of them I know, some of them I have never heard of, and have no clue what to do.

  • CYNTHIA J CARTER: August 30, 2021

    Thank you, do you have a modified version for those or us with back and knee replacement/arthritis issues?

  • Regina : August 30, 2021

    Starting out this month with a bang. 3rd day and I’m not behind. I’m working on my core. This is my birthday month. Happy birthday to me ‼️🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • Nora E McDonnell: August 30, 2021

    I can’t wait to complete this challenge. My wedding is scheduled for the first part of September and I would like to look better.

  • Kim: August 30, 2021

    Yay!! I’m excited for this challenge. I’ve been MIA for a few of them, but core is a must!! I will struggle with a couple, but I’ll do best!!

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