You did it! Week 5 of our Summer Detox Series (You don't want to miss this!)

You did it! Week 5 of our Summer Detox Series (You don't want to miss this!)


You’ve done it Ladies! 4 weeks of detoxing! From creating more restful living areas to being more mindful in your daily lives.  You’ve learned how to take care of your bodies and how to release the negative toxins that get trapped inside. You’ve worked hard and now you deserve a week dedicated to relaxing.  

While it may seem like the most effortless week, we know finding time to treat ourselves is not always easy.  However, mental detoxes are just as important as physical ones!  Just like our bodies need to get rid of toxic buildup, so do our minds.  

Therefore we want you Ladies to take the next seven days to find ways to free your minds--to take a break from the chaos of the week and engage in activities that let you unwind.  We want you to practice positive thinking and mindfulness. You might already have ideas in mind, but if you don’t we have the following list to help you get started!


  1. Treat yourself to a pedicure and/or a manicure. You deserve it!
  2. Try a guided Meditation.  You can download apps on your phone or look on Youtube for an assortment of routines! 
  3. Practice yoga or simply stretch when waking up.  While it might seem like a job for your muscles, your brain reaps plenty of benefits too, resulting in a happier, healthier you!
  4. Get a massage.  Not only will your body be thankful, but your mind will be appreciative of the massage therapy as well!
  5. Soak in the tub, dim the lights, burn a candle--you know the routine!
  6. Create a gratitude journal that reminds you of all the things you are thankful for daily.  It’s scientifically proven to decrease stress, calm your spirit, and help you focus on what really matters!
  7. Find a quiet place and read a book. Focusing on the single task will fully engage your mind resulting in lower stress levels and enhanced relaxation. 

While it’s not always simple to find time for yourself, the importance of giving yourself a mental break is worthwhile.  To clear your mind is to calm your body and better your thinking.  Combined with physical detoxing, your body will feel at its best after this week of emotional cleansing. Even if you have to meditate in the shower while your kids are opening and closing the door to see where you went. Or a bit of Yoga while reading books to your kiddos before bedtime. We know it's hard to find even 20 minutes when you have littles. 

So give it a try.  Find the things that make you happy, relaxed, and refreshed. Focus on optimistic outlooks and gratefulness.  It won’t take long for you to notice the difference in your spirit and your perspective. 

Much Love and Positive thoughts,

Anna and Elisha


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