Valentines Day & Healthy Living

Valentines Day & Healthy Living

Denise is Flex it Pink's Nutrition Guide she is so creative when it comes to nutrition and knows how to make us all feel good about meal prep and cooking. She has wrote a fantastic piece for us about the upcoming chocolate day......

Who loves Valentine's Day?! I will be completely honest with you........I don't. Its never been a big day for me. Not to sound all bummer about it, its just not my cup of tea. But, for others its a big deal and some people love to go all out with a lovely gift, wine and fancy dinner for their significant other. I think that is wonderful and super romantic! So now we have begun this amazing health and fitness journey and you may be wondering how does this indulging or "cheat meal" thing work? How do I still enjoy this holiday of fancy dinners and decadent desserts when everyone keeps telling me to eat salad and drink water?! haha! So you'll go for flowers and fruit salad or maybe new workout clothes? yessss! score! My husband knows the way to my heart is through workout clothes! just kidding......sort of.




So, back to romance, indulging, flowers, chocolate. Now there is one thing I LOVE! I love a good piece of dark chocolate! You don't have to give up all the things you love just because you've begun a health journey for yourself. you can still enjoy a dessert, a glass of wine (in an actual wine glass!) a delicious dinner. Its not going to ruin everything you've started if you allow yourself a treat. The idea is to K.I.S.S (Keep it simple sister). Yeah, I used that on purpose for valentines day. You can roll your eyes at me for that super cheesy acronym.


So really, simplicity is key! Do not let yourself feel guilty for enjoying a treat on valentines day, have that incredible dinner, glass of wine, decadent dessert. its OK, one time won't undo what you have started! The best way to healthy lifestyle is to allow ourselves to let loose once in a while. if we are constantly drill sergeant on ourselves we start to resent our new healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle frees you from feeling bound to a strict routine where we become obsessed with what we put in our mouths, how many calories was that, how long do I have to workout to burn that. That just causes more stress on you. Don't do it! Live well, eat clean and allow yourself a treat once in awhile. The important part is that it is a TREAT! That means you have one cookie, one serving of dinner, one glass of wine, don't over do it but let yourself enjoy it.  Proper health comes from portion, balance and moderation.


Happy Valentine's Day Ladies!



Be tough on the outside and sweet on the inside.


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