The 6 Tips/Tricks of Hydration

The 6 Tips/Tricks of Hydration

We are always told to drink water, but how important is it really? Here are some reasons why you should reach for a nice glass of H20 immediately, preferably a cute one!

1. Mental clarity
2. Clearer skin
3. Muscle strength (build and repair)
4. Digestion
5. Joint pain
6. Weight gain
7. Headaches
8. Energy levels
9. Flush out toxins
10. Prevent kidney stones
11. Alleviate back pain
12. Regulate body temperature
13. Fights infections
14. Promotes healthy heart
15. Keeps the eyes moist
16. Strong hair and nails and healthy scalp

So how are you supposed to tell if you need to drink more water? Here are our 6 Tips/Tricks to stay hydrated this season!
1. You’ve been working out- Exercising is fantastic, but all that beautiful sweat means that you need to replenish some fluids! You need to drink even more water when you are working out.

2. Hungry- Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are really just thirsty!! So, drink a cup of water, wait twenty minutes, and then see if that did the trick! If you still feel hunger, you’ll be ready to eat something healthier instead of reaching for the closest junk.

3. Rough or dry skin- Before you reach for the lotion, drink more water! This will also help to keep your face clear, so just add a smile and you’re golden!

4. Tired or cranky- Not sleeping enough will make you tired and cranky, but if you are getting a decent number of hours of sleep and still feel like you’re dragging your feet, then you might be dehydrated! Drinking water will make you feel refreshed and have more energy!

5. You haven’t peed in a while- When was the last time you went to the bathroom? Was it several hours ago? Drink more water immediately!

6. Eating more processed foods- Foods like fruits and vegetables help to hydrate you, but eating processed foods does the opposite!

Grab a cute water bottle (if you need to treat yo’ self, check out our FIP Blender Bottle or our FIP Hydroflask!!) and set your phone to remind you to drink more water! Being hydrated will increase your productivity, support your health goals, and make you happier!

Anna & Elisha


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