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Staying on the Fitness Wagon

Posted on July 15 2013

This is a Flex it Pink repost from my blog Elisha Run Run Run So I have been getting a lot of questions lately about "falling off the wagon" or those who want to know how they go about starting to run. SO these are my tips of course I am no expert but I can tell you what I know through my own experience in my fitness journey :) 101 The Wagon: To me I say screw the wagon! This is your journey and your pace. YOU pick your ride! I say more like a princess carriage, because there are times I'm going to cry and throw a fit like a diva! Find what workouts and nutrition options work for you. Don't compare yourself to any other's fitness level or diet. The most important thing is to find a routine and healthy eating habit that you can stick to. Even if that means 15 minutes of HIIT training in the morning and 15 minutes of running on your lunch break. Where ever you can make a 30 minute workout fit into your schedule and stick to will work! But no matter what, give it ALL you got! No half ass-ing a workout! You get back what you put in! This is your ride, your pace, you change the gears when you are ready! But don't ever ever turn off that engine! 102 There are so many resources out there to help you with working out, YouTube is a huge help when you don't know moves. You don't need a gym! The world is my gym and I take full use of it! Like I said before find what works for you and what you enjoy doing! Walking, biking, swimming, hiking, running, lifting, home dvds, or the gym. There are so many options but no room for excuses. Take before pictures and look at them all the time. If you want change then you have to change what you were doing before you took that picture that got you to that, and no matter what DON'T QUIT! Take one day at a time. Every day is a new day to change and move towards your goals. Don't go back always move forward. 103 Nutrition: I am definitely no expert on this subject but what does seem to always keep me on track is MyFitness Pal. Tracking every single thing I put into my mouth. You will be surprised how much those little bites of your children's snacks will add up. Once you realize how much and how fast all those calories add up you will start to find recipes that are lower in calories and more healthy for you and your family. There are a ton of websites out there that have great options for healthy cooking and snack ideas. Water! Water! Water! I personally LOVE water with lemon and I drink it 24/7! You'll never see me without a huge jug of water with me at all times. Don't waste your calories one drinks, and skip the diet soda your body will thank you later. 104 Food is FUEL! You wouldn't fill your car up with junk and expect it to run efficiently. Don't expect your body to do the same. It took me a long time to train my body to eat for fuel and not for pleasure. Once you master that it will be a lot easier to resist the cupcakes. Your determination to reach your goal has to be stronger than your want for the good tasting food. When I want to reach for the sugary snacks I try to think of summer and shorts and tanks before I ask myself if it's really worth it. It's hard and it takes time but you can train your body to overcome that want. Allow cheat/treat days once a week. Don't go over board, but eat what have been craving just limit yourself have just once a week. YOU can make it though a week until your cheat day :) Last but not least, YOU have to hold yourself accountable for your decisions and actions. No matter if you are counting calories or watching what you eat. YOUR body is always counting the calories no matter if you are or not, and your body will reflect of the decisions that YOU make. You body will show the amount of work you have put in, no matter what you are telling people or logging in your food diary. 105 Running: I only starting running last year. I was never even able to run a straight mile in high school. Of course not I was the chubby girl! But now watch out high school Elisha because the new Elisha is a runner!!! Stick to the training plan. If you follow a training plan you can build your way up to a marathon if you wish, but it takes time and patience. If you follow the plan you will get there. When I first started I used a plan off of runnersworld but there are a ton of different running plans on the Internet just use google. Couch to 5K is a great one to start with also. Pace: the more you run the better you will get. Speed training is a great way to improve your pace. Believe that you can do it! because you CAN! Running is a huge mental sport. Most of the time you are competing with your brain. You have to talk yourself into running that last mile, you have to convince yourself that YOU CAN make it to the end. Music! Music is a huge key to my running. Without jams blasting in my ears I would have never started or finished my half marathon ha! Make a running play list with all the songs that go perfect for your pace make it so much easier. For me anyway. There is also always Pandora with a great pre-made play list for you! I love the Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Station, but there are so many on there. Start out with low distances and work your way up. Sign up for a 5K about 3 months out and work your way to that. I say pick a fun one like a COLOR RUN or many others out there that are fun runs. is a great site to find runs in your area. Once you complete your first 5K, warning you might be addicted :) 106 Well there is so much more I could go all day but I'm sure I already lost a bunch of readers a while ago but I truly just want to stress that you CAN do this! You DESERVE this, and you will be so so very happy when you reach your goals! Take them one month at a time and always reward yourself! New workout clothes is my favorite reward. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! LETS GO.........  When you are ready to COMMIT to your Journey I recommend our F.i.P Box that includes 6 (YES 6) 5k Runs a year! THAT is how to STAY motivated!


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