The Importance of Female Friendships

The Importance of Female Friendships

The Importance of Female Friendships

“The most beautiful thing about female friendship, to me, is its strength. Women make each other more resilient because, when female friendship is done right, it is this astounding source of confidence, reassurance, comfort, joy, and candor that can truly guide you through life” 

The moment we read this quote, we knew Kate Leaver, author of The Friendship Cure, knew what she was writing about.  How? 

We’d experienced her words first hand and continue to do so as we watch women grow towards their goals every day with the help of a strong female community. 

However, Kate’s quote resonates with us even deeper as it reminds us of the story of Flex it Pink.  

From the very beginning, we knew there was significant value to being cheered on by a supportive group of women. Our own health and fitness journeys had proven this to be nothing more than true.  We’d recognized that committing to our goals was much more achievable when we’d had the encouragement and faith of women who understood exactly what we were going through.  So that’s when we took a leap of faith and paved the way for women empowerment with FIP (check out our blog: The Girls Behind Flex it Pink for more insight).

But starting a business was no easy task and running one can be even harder.  It takes dedication, flexibility, and commitment.  It takes long hours, an abundance of energy, and a strong sense of purpose.  But most of all, our business success takes the bond between two women who guide each other every step of the way. 

The friendship between us lays the foundation of Flex it Pink.  Constantly there is someone at our side who we can fully depend on and trust.  They are there to reassure us when things get tough and comfort us when we are unable to do so ourselves.  By knowing exactly what the other goes through in life as a mom, wife, business owner, and more, we know how to encourage confidence and lift the other up, and every day that is what we choose to do. 

 Female friendship is truly a gift.  We have seen its lasting impact on our lives and its continued ability to fuel every aspect of Flex it Pink.  Its power is not something to be forgotten, but to be shared widely to create the resilient women Kate’s earlier quote depicted. 

So let’s take the time to make the most of our girlfriends.  To cherish the beautiful people that they are and the lasting friendships they can provide.  To hold them close in times of need and to cheer them on in the journey of life.  Women have so much to offer the world, but we should never forget the power behind what we can offer each other. 



Anna & Elisha


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