The Best Water Bottles - 2018

The Best Water Bottles - 2018

Over the past few years the world has said goodbye to plastic water bottles and said hello to the reusable alternatives.  Brands like Nalgene, Hydroflask, Yeti, and more have soared in popularity and become a regular item in one’s everyday life.  But with so many brands and endless choices, how do you decide what bottle is best?

While most bottles on the market will provide you a way to keep hydrated throughout the day without the issue of unsustainability, some are simply better at doing so than others.  Whether you desire an insulated stainless steel bottle, a glass bottle, or a plastic bottle, we’ve got the list of the highest rated reusable bottles to date according to consumer reviews and testing!


  1. Hydroflask
  2. Klean Kanteen
  3. Yeti
  4. Takeya



  1. Lifefactory
  2. Camelbak Eddy
  3. Ello



  1. Nalgene Wide Mouth
  2. Camelbak Chute
  3. Blender Bottle Classic


What you decide to use it ultimately up to you!  If you like to keep your water ice cold, choose one of the insulated stainless steel bottles!  If you are looking for an active, on-the-go bottle that can be tossed around, try a reusable plastic bottle like our blender!  Most of the brands come with a variety of sizes depending on what you like to carry around, but if it was up to us, the bigger the better!  More water in one bottle means less fill ups and greater chance of hydration ;)


If you already have water bottle favorites, we’d love to hear what they are and why.   Elisha loves Hydroflask and Anna’s favorite is Blender Bottle!  What are your favorites, Ladies?


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  • Rebekah Pettijohn: November 16, 2018

    I LOVE my F.I.P. Blender bottle! It’s perfect for mixing my pre-workout and keeping me hydrated with good old H2O!!

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