SWEAT! Detox Week 4

SWEAT! Detox Week 4

Last week we discussed the importance of cleansing our bodies to expel the harmful toxins we take in daily.  In our discussion, we mentioned the benefits of sweating to help release the toxins built up in our skin. Because of that, we want to use this week to give you seven different ways to sweat each day!


We know that some days it is hard to motivate ourselves to exercise, but the value of being active every day is much greater than we tend to think.  Exercising, while an important way to lose weight and shape our bodies, has several other benefits.  In fact, it promotes healthy lifestyles by also uplifting our mood, helping our sleep patterns, reducing our chances of chronic disease, and DETOXING our bodies. 


Because toxins get trapped in our bodies, exercising allows us to sweat out the pollutants that didn’t make it through the liver or kidneys.  Therefore, finding activities that truly make you sweat will pay off big time when trying to detox this week!  Reward yourself with a hot shower so those toxins won't reabsorb into the body.


So here it is ladies, our list of seven different exercises for you to try this week:


  1. Go on a Walk (around the neighborhood, at the park, in town).
  2. Try a Yoga Sequence (you can always download apps on your phone, following amazing yogis on Insta and there's always youtube gurus).
  3. Jump Rope (it may seem silly, but the health benefits of jumping rope aren’t).
  4. Bike Ride/Swim (take advantage of the outdoors and activities that don’t feel like you are working out at all).
  5. Try an FIP At-Home Workout (sometimes at-home, minimum equipment workouts are all we need--FIP Workouts).
  6. Take a Fitness Class (group classes are the perfect way to stay motivated and push ourselves).
  7. Go on a Hike (save this one for the weekend to enjoy with family and/or friends).

If exercise isn't your thing, feel free to switch it up!  The important thing is to get your heart rate up and your body sweating. Mow the lawn, tackle your closet, clean the bathrooms. It's Summer and hot you will sweat lol

You’ve got this ladies! Let another week of detoxing begin!


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