Stop, drop and REFLECT with Flex it Pink

Stop, drop and REFLECT with Flex it Pink

Even before the beginning of the new year, we leave last year behind.  We get so eager to start fresh and begin our January transformation, that we tend to jump ahead before even taking the time to look back.  

It has now been three weeks since the start of 2019 and while many of us have certainly listed out our new year’s resolutions and started accomplishing our goals, many of us have completely forgotten to reflect on our 2018.  While it may have been a year of hardships, a year of triumphs, or a year of both, it is important to look back on the good and the bad to successfully face what is ahead. 

Therefore, before getting any further into the new year, we suggest taking the time this next week to reflect on your 2018.  By journaling about your past year, you will pause and reflect, learn and grow, and create understanding that enables you to continue on your path to success this year.  Although some of you may want to look at your year at large, writing one reflection of it all, we suggest breaking up your 2018 by answering each of the following questions on a seperate day of the week.  

So grab that new Hustle and Heart journal and take your time to reflect.  Your insights will hopefully encourage you, enlighten you, lift you, and mentally prepare you to keep strong and committed this 2019!

  1. What was my greatest accomplishment last year? How did I achieve it?


  1. What experiences brought me the most joy last year?


  1. What struggles did I face in the last year? Did I overcome any?


  1. What were my biggest take-aways or lessons learned from 2018?


  1. Did I manage to create a new habit/lifestyle choice that I want to continue this year? Why?


Want to take it a step further? Write how felt about those accomplishments, joyful moments or lessons you NEVER want to learn again!

Time to stop, drop and reflect even if it was the worst year of your life. 2019 is bound to be better right? Or if it was one of the greatest years of your life! Get it girls!





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