Ramp Up Your Workout with FIP

Ramp Up Your Workout with FIP


We’re reaching the end of January, 1/12th of the year is already gone!  We’ve talked about how to make goals that are SMART- specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.   If you are like us, you are so excited about making and accomplishing goals, but in that excitement, it’s easy to do too much too soon.  To avoid burn-out, follow these steps: 

  1. Pick an activity that brings you joy.

If you don’t like running, that’s ok!  Find something else that is fun for you, something that brings you joy.  Then you will be excited to work out and be active which is the goal!  Maybe yoga or Zumba or something else is more your speed.  Just pick something that keeps you going back and makes you happy.  Let exercise be a reward for all the other hard things you do in your day.  It’s you time, and you deserve it!

  1. Start small

Starting small really is the way to go.  If you haven’t been running in a while, don’t expect to run 3 miles a day.  Give yourself some grace and be happy that you are starting, no matter where that start line is.  Doing too much too soon increases your chance of doing too much strain on your muscles which can cause an injury and delay your goals while you heal.  Begin with something that you can feel successful doing.  Let your confidence grow as you continue to do it, and then, when you’re ready, give yourself a little more.  Maybe that means running a little further or faster, or lifting slightly heavier weights.  A little challenge is good, but make sure to check out the next tip for this!

  1. Grow Slow

Just like starting small, growing slow is very important.  The rule of thumb is to not run more than 10% more than you did last week.  Same applies to weights and other fitness activities.  So if you ran/walked 5 miles last week, don’t do more than 5.5 this week.  Growing slow will let your muscles heal correctly and build up stronger.  You will also be better prepared mentally as well as physically.  

  1. Notice and celebrate small successes

Track your progress so that you can see that you are making a difference.  Don’t worry about the scale- take pictures, notice how your clothes fit or how you look in the mirror.  These NSV’s or “Non-Scale Victories” are the best way to to track your fitness.  Maybe record them in a journal, or share your selfies on social media!  

Feel confident with where you are.  Give yourself a pat on the back and maybe some other reward as well!  Don’t wait until you are at a specific end-goal weight or size to buy something cute.  Treat yourself with love now- buy that cute top or pair of shoes.  If you are planning on buying some cute work out outfits for the gym at the end of the journey, do it now!  (and we can recommend some cute stuff HERE!!)  Feel cute and confident and you’ll stay motivated.  

We are so excited for your journey, no matter where you are starting.  We are here to help you and cheer you on.  You’ve got this girl!!


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