Let's Talk Laundry

Let's Talk Laundry

Let’s Talk Laundry

Let’s face it, laundry is probably the last thing we want to talk about…..Especially when we’ve been avoiding it all week.  But there comes a time when our leggings run out and we have to choose between cleaning our clothes or working out naked.  

Though it may be a dreaded chore, laundry is an important one.  And when it comes to washing the gear we workout in, it’s even more important!  With stinky smells, bacteria buildup, and sweat stains, washing our dirty gym clothes requires a little extra care and attention.  

Luckily, we’ve got all the tips and tricks for keeping your workout gear looking and smelling like new!  

1. Try a Vinegar Soak

While a simple and inexpensive household item, white distilled vinegar is a powerful tool when it comes to cleaning our gym clothes.  By soaking clothes prior to washing for 15-30 minutes in a solution of cold water and half a cup of white vinegar, bacteria and oils will be lifted from the clothes, eliminating any strong odors that were left behind!

2. Turn Clothes Inside Out

When we workout, our body releases sweat that gathers on the inside of our clothes.  However, by turning our clothes inside out before throwing them in the machine, we make sure the dirt and grime left behind truly gets washed away!  Not to mention, taking the extra time to flip our clothes out, keeps colors from fading.

3. Don’t Over Use the Detergent

Sometimes, the smell from our gym clothes tempts us to add slightly more detergent to our load of laundry.  However, the extra soap does more harm than good. Instead of creating extra cleaning power, the additional detergent builds up on clothing, creating a residue that traps odors in.  Therefore, it’s important to stick with the recommended amount for our load size.

4. Avoid Fabric Softener

Just like extra detergent, fabric softener adds a coating to our clothes that traps in odor causing bacteria.  So instead of the fresh linen scent we were after, we may be left with a questionable clean smell. Therefore it’s best to avoid softener, allowing the detergent and water to really dig deep. 

5. Cold Water for the Win

Not only does heat intensify odors, it also ruins the elasticity in the majority of our workout gear.  By using cool water, there is less chance of shrinkage and the lifespan of our favorite clothing is increased!

6. Add Vinegar to Cycle

When short on time or unable to soak your clothing in vinegar prior to washing, there is always the option to add a half cup of distilled white vinegar to your washing machine once your clothes are loaded.  This once again helps break down bacteria that causes clothing to smell. And even if you’ve already soaked your smelly gym clothes, adding more vinegar to your cycle is just one extra way to truly erase odors. 

7. Hang Dry or Low/No Heat

The best option for our workout gear is to let it air dry by hanging it up after its been washed.  However, we don’t always have the space or time to hang dry our clothes. If this is the case, be sure to use a low or no heat setting when drying your workout gear as to not ruin the material or cause the bad smells to resurface. 

8. Sweat Stains? Try This! (Basically Works on Everything)

Unfortunately, all the washing in the world won't keep the sweat stains away.  Luckily, when these stains appear, or any stains for that matter, an easy-as-can-be trick can make it all go away!  Try mixing one part Original Dawn Dishsoap, with one part baking soda, and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Once mixed, take a clean toothbrush and use it to gently scrub the stain with the paste.  Once through, let the mixture set on the clothes for a few minutes before throwing it in the wash. Before you know it, your stains will be gone and your workout clothes will be looking like new!


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