How to Seize SPRING best with FIP

How to Seize SPRING best with FIP

Spring has finally arrived and with is comes fresh beginnings, bright blue skies, and sun-kissed days.  After a long winter, it’s the season we crave to find joy and rejuvenation.  While plenty of us have happily welcomed Spring into our lives already, we’ve got a list for you to take further advantage of the beauty and perfect temperatures that come with this time of year.  Try these TOP FIVE THINGS TO DO THIS SPRING to get the most out of the upcoming months!





The winter has a certain calm and beauty to it, but towards the end of it we miss the feeling of sunshine on our face.  With Spring here and warming temperatures, we can finally feel the goodness of a bright, cloudless day.  So take your life outdoors!  Start or end your day with a walk or run through the neighborhood.  Plan a family picnic for the weekend or take dinner to the patio.  Hang your hammock and relax in the sun.  Read on the grass or bring your yoga mat to the backyard.  It’s time to soak up the sun and feel that vitamin D again.





There’s no need to wait until summer vacation for fun with the family.  But while taking a week’s trip for Spring Break sounds amazing, it isn’t always in reach.  However, a mini vacay or staycation is perfect for this time of year.  Whether its a trip to the zoo, a day at the beach, a camping trip to your nearest national park, or an afternoon at a ball game, your family is bound to enjoy the break and the fresh air.  There’s no need to go far or plan big, just simply get out and enjoy time together!





Spring is a time for rejuvenation.  It’s a time to rethink and refresh, and what better place to start than in our homes?  Therefore, we encourage you to take time this April to work through your clutter and finish any unaccomplished tasks within your home.  By cleaning and organizing this time of year, you’ll feel the freshness and clarity only Spring can provide.  Not to mention, by clearing out the old, you’ll have plenty of space to revamp your style and bring in the new as up and coming trends SPRING forth this season.  





Now that the sun is out once more, fresh food is more abundant than ever.  To get your hands on the best fruits and veggies, head out to your local farmer’s market to get the sweetest and ripest produce there is  Not only will you enjoy the benefits of shopping local, you’ll have the most delicious food at the table and a relaxing time perusing through the vendors.  Of course, if you are up for a challenge, you can take the Spring to harvest your own goodies for the season as well.  Dedicate a corner of the backyard to gardening with the family and see the beauty of Spring growing at home!





We love the gym, but when we can use the Earth to stay fit, we might as well!  Before the temperatures get too hot, take this time of year to be active outside.  It’s the perfect season to swap the treadmill for a trail or spin class for a day riding through town.  Bring your yoga mat to a grassy field or hike among blooming flowers.  Consider paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking for activities that make you forget you are even working out. 


The world is your gym Ladies, use it this Spring!












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