How to drink coffee without Creamer... Is it even possible?

If you are anything like me, you would agree that glorious, wonderful perk in a cup is what you look forward to every morning!!

I absolutely cannot start my day without it!

But, unlike me, many people cannot drink just plain black coffee. They find it bitter or to strong.

So, they add cream and/or sugar to enjoy their cup of joe!

So that's what I'm here to write about. "How to drink your coffee without creamer!"

First of all, black coffee has loads of health benefits!

It improves your cardiovascular health, and your memory. It's also good for your liver and reduces the risk of cancer, alzheimers, dementia, parkinsons, and heart disease. It is rich in antioxidants, and cleanses your guts!
So, once creamer is added, it will then boost your blood sugar and also dilutes the caffeine effects.

So it reduces that "buzz" you think you were getting.
Creamers also have allot of trans fat which is hydrogenated oil.
Trans fat can lead to high cholesterol,and  increases cardiovascualar health issues, increases cancer risks, alzheimers, accelerated memory damage, cognitive decline, and increases heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Adding creamers also increase the potassium and phosphorus content in coffee and is then not an acceptable drink for those with
kidney related diseases or issues. Some creamers also contain yerbamate which causes a numerous amounts of cancers.

So, next time you go to grab your daily cup of pick me up remember that adding that extra dose of cancerous calories to your java is doing more harm then good.

So, to help you drink your coffee without creamer I've compiled some ways to help you like your coffee black and take away that strong, bitterness taste.

First thing...Don't "scald" your beans! when brewing your coffee, water should be at an ideal temperature of (according to the national coffee association)
195-205 degrees fahrenheit. If you use too hot of water or your instant coffee pot isn't so instant anymore it will over extract your beans. meanings it roasts longer and your coffee will be stronger.  (you should also descale your machine every 3 months)
Brew with the freshest water! don't add your water in the night before.

Go for a light roast. A light roast means that the roasting period of the beans was not as long so therefore you will have a less stronger coffee.

Also, look for an Aribica bean, it wont be so bitter. you can look for coffee that that was from the Kona, Brazil, or Costa Rica regions.

You can also weigh out your coffee instead of measuring it. The right coffee to water ratio will also come into play with how your coffee will taste.

Last but not least, If your coffee STILL seems to be to bitter or strong, you can take Alton Brown's advice and add kosher salt to neutralize the bitterness and acidity. It will also enhance the sweetness! 
Happy Sipping!!
Jenifer Rugaard

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  • Kayla: June 15, 2020

    This is great!!! I drink coffee EVERYDAY and there is so much information in here I had no idea about!!!

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