Have a desk job? We're here to help!

Have a desk job? We're here to help!

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Sitting all day at your desk job and then finding yourself not having the energy to work out because you’ve been sitting all day?  We’ve been there!  Sitting all day has some serious health risks attached.  The American Heart Association did a study and found that the average American sits for six to eight hours a day.  This increases risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.  Depression and anxiety can also be caused or increased by excessive sitting.

Whether you are trying to improve or maintain your fitness level while having an office job, here are some tips to help!

  1. Bring your lunch from home

Your office might be right next to a lot of food places, which is really fun until your wallet shrinks and your middle expands.  Packing a lunch ahead of time will save you money and is the healthier option! 

  1. Get up and walk around


It's important to get up and move!  Some fitness trackers buzz and remind you, check out this blog post for our favorites.  You can get more steps in by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or by parking farther away.  You could also walk to a coworker’s desk Instead of sending an email.   Try having a walking meeting, or pace around while talking on the phone instead of sitting.  During your lunch break, go to a local clothes store and window shop. Trying on new clothes that you weren’t able to fit in before is one of the most awesome ways to show off your progress!









3. Do you drink enough water? 

Probably not!  Drinking enough water is not only healthy for you in the first place, but it will also make you need to go to the bathroom more often.  And just like that, more steps! 

  1. Stretch it out

Try alternating walking breaks with stretching breaks and see what it can do for your body and your mood!  You’ll really enjoy these stretches in our blog post: Stretching 101.

  1. Have healthy snacks at your desk

Some offices have a lot of salty or sugary snacks around and it’s always someone’s birthday, which means cake.  It’s perfectly normal to treat yourself every once in a while, but don’t overdo and regret it later!  Stock your desk with healthy options so that when the craving comes you have a better choice right there.  There are a lot of granola bars or nut mixes that are great, or you can get a mini fridge and fill it with healthy favorites! 

  1. Set up your desk so that you have correct posture

The worst thing about sitting is leaning forward too much so that you are hunched over.  It’s really not good for your spine.  Scoot your computer a little closer or increase the text size so that you can still see while having proper posture.

  1. Have breakfast ready

Make your breakfast the night before so that you aren’t tempted to stop through the drive through on the way to work.  You are setting the precedent for the day with breakfast, so start strong!  Refrigerator oatmeal is a great way to make breakfast the night before.  One of our favorite recipes is Raspberry Vanilla Refrigerator Oatmeal.  

  1. Get your heart pumping

Give your heart some love by exercising either before or after work.  Or you could even go for a 20-30 minute run on your lunch break.  Lace up your tennis shoes, put in your headphones and push play on your running playlist and do what you couldn’t do a week ago! 






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