GYM Bag Essentials (Maximize Your Workout!)

GYM Bag Essentials (Maximize Your Workout!)

Depending on your preferences with exercising, you might have a lot of different things in your gym bag! Here are 24 things that we would feel lost without and have helped us achieve our fitness goals!!

1. Hair tie The absolute most essential item on our list, a hair tie! Once you get that pony tightened, you know that you are about to absolutely demolish this work out!!

2. Socks and shoes Nothing is worse than going to the gym straight from work or another activity and realizing that you don’t have the right shoes, or that you forgot to pack socks! Make sure that you have the correct kind of socks and shoes for the activity that you will be doing. For example, sweat-wicking socks are something that we make sure to wear for all activities, but especially running!

3. Water bottle

Gyms have water fountains, but you don’t want to have to pause your workout if you are on the treadmill, and you especially don’t want to give up the machine that you’ve been waiting for three more people before you to use so that you can quench your thirst! Bring a water bottle for efficiency and maximum hydration! If you need a cute one to motivate you, check out our Blender Bottle! As an added bonus, maybe another FIP beauty will notice and you’ll have an instant friend!!

4. Fitness tracker

Do you want real-times numbers to help you keep track of your fitness including step count, heart rate, distance, and more! We know we do! There are several options between two main categories: Wearables and Apps that you can find on your phone. Check out our blog post called 10 Ways to Track Your Fitness to see our recommendations!

5. Lock for locker

Once you pack all this stuff and bring it to the gym, you don’t want to lose it! There are several kinds of locks including the dial locks with numbers, but they also have options with letters so that you can create a code word to open your locker! One of our FIP beauties recently told us that she is using the code “PINK” because she feels all of you running and lifting with her when she goes to the gym and uses that code. Rock on Beautiful!

6. Deodorant

We want to look like we work out, but we don’t want to smell like it, so deodorant is an obvious choice. We have found that having one at home and one in the gym bag that stays there at all times saves us the hassle of trying to remember if we’ve re-packed it since the last time we used it.

7. Energy bar

Make sure to re-fuel after a work out! You need protein in your system to help rebuild the muscles that you tore down being awesome that they build back even stronger! Try to eat something within 30 minutes of working out. We love Skout bars, Eat Your Coffee bars, and Honey Stinger waffles! Many times our F.i.P Boxes include these too!

8. Headphones

Have you noticed a difference when working out with the right music? We have, and so do many others! There is something so energizing and invigorating when your jam comes on, and you know that you can make it another quarter mile or do another set. You can use Spotify or an app like Rock My Run, or create your own playlist! Here are some of our favorite tunes that pump up our workouts: Must-have Playlist to ROCK Your Workout!

9. Towel

Some gyms provide small towels for you, and if that’s your gym, that’s great! Other gyms don’t, and it’s really nice to be able to wipe your face, arms, or the back of your neck when you get that beautiful, sweaty shine going. Just make sure to wash it when you get home!

10. Versa Gripps

If you are serious about weightlifting, wrist wraps are definitely a necessity for support and stability. Practice safe lifting!

11. Knee sleeves or KT Tape

If you have had a previous injury, or just need some extra support, grab a knee sleeve or KT tape! If you are new to taping, there are several helpful tutorials on the KT Tape website!

12. Jump rope

Did you know that jumping up and down is actually very cleansing for your lymphatic system? Jumping rope (or jumping on a trampoline!) helps the lymps to drain and detox your entire system! It also is a good cardio exercise that will strengthen your heart!

13. Finger nail clippers

We always have finger nail clippers in our bags- you never know when you need them for calluses, a hang nail, or if your toe nails are too long and are rubbing against your shoe while running.

14. BCAA and Multi-Vitamins

Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) assist with muscle fuel, recovery, and growth. They burn fat for energy, reduce soreness, and improve endurance. Women's Multi Vitamins are a vital part of keeping you strong, energized and healthy! We always have it in our gym bag!

15. Headband or hat

Sometimes, a hair tie isn’t enough, sometimes you need a headband, or maybe a hat! There are so many cute headbands out there, and have you seen the FIP Get it Girl hat that came with the September box?? We have a few left if you still need to grab yours! For us, there is nothing else that says “I’m in the zone about to CRUSH this workout!” like wearing a hat to the gym, especially a cute one!

16. Gum

You never know when you might get to the gym and realize that you forgot to brush your teeth that morning!

17. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo might be the most amazing invention ever for the busy mom, seriously. Spray some in your hair, use your #1 accessory the hair tie, and do a cute messy bun on your way out the door after conquering your work out, ready to take on the world!

18. Sports bra

Like our socks example, there is almost nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing that you don’t have a sports bra! Do you run in your regular under-wire bra? Do you go home and risk the chance that you might turn on Netflix and eat junk food instead and thinking to yourself, “Oh, well, I tried”? Keep an extra sports bra in your gym bag just in case! Netflix will be fine all by itself.

19. Feminine products

It’s happened to all of us- we’re away from home at work, or on vacation, or anywhere else, and Mother Nature calls unexpectedly! Keep some tampons or pads (and maybe even extra underwear) in your bag so that you can finish your workout strong! If you are cramping and uncomfortable, you may need to switch your workout to something less strenuous like yoga or walking on a treadmill. Exercise has been proven to help manage period symptoms, but the most important thing is to listen to your body.

20. Flip flops

I’m sure that your gym keeps the bathrooms and showers clean, but let’s not risk any weird infections, just in case. Flip flops are a must for any public shower, for peace of mind at least!

21. Extra shirt

After leaving the gym, you might run some errands since you’re already out and about. After your shower, you don’t want to put that sweaty shirt back on!

22. Hairbrush

When we work out, we are paying attention to our muscles, not our hair! You may feel the need for a quick brush-through before you leave the gym if you aren’t heading straight home.

23. Band-aids for blisters

You have been working hard and you have the aches and pains to prove it! Make sure that you don’t overdo and that you are giving yourself plenty of time to heal properly, especially if you are starting a fitness routine. But if you are increasing your exercise and lifting heavier weights, or running longer distances, you may find yourself in need of some band-aids for the blisters.

24. Face wipes

Your face is glowing with triumph, you ROCKED that work out! We are so proud of you! If you have evidence of the sweat on your face and it is wreaking havoc with your make up, face wipes may be the way to fix it. We personally, think that you look beautiful no matter what and are just happy that you have a smile on your face! Now that your bag is packed, you are ready to hit the gym!! Have an amazing time!

XOXO, ​Anna & Elisha

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