Freshen Up Your Morning Routine

Freshen Up Your Morning Routine

Have you taken a look at your morning routine? Are you running around like a chicken with its head cut off and always seem to be late, here are some great tips on how to wake up refreshed and in control of your day! Don’t worry, they are super simple things!

1. Prep the night before
The night before, prep all the things. Make your make breakfast and pack your lunch. If you prefer a hot breakfast, then cut up all of the things so that in the morning you feel like you are on a cooking show!! Set out your clothes, pack up the clothes that you will take to the gym, pre-set your coffee maker, and double check that you have everything that you need in your purse. If you are dropping kids off at school or the babysitters, double check their backpacks or diaper bags to make sure everything is in it. Set out your kids’ clothes too, and you will have all of your bases covered!

2. Go to bed early, wake up refreshed.
Start winding down early, turn off all of your electronics. Maybe read a book or do some light stretches. This will let you sleep your best so that you can wake up refreshed! Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you usually do, and choose the alarm carefully. You can use your phone to select the perfect ringtone that either wakes you up softly or pumps you up for the awesome day ahead!
3. Sit in silence or do some light stretching/ meditation in bed, and then make your bed
Once you wake up with your awesome ringtone, stay in bed. Open your blinds and let the natural sunlight come through your window, which will energize you naturally. Sit up slowly and do some light stretches. Do some meditation, pray and/or go through a list in your mind of things that you are grateful for. Then make your bed. This will make your whole bedroom look cleaner, and that will help you feel clean and ready to go!
4. Drink 16 ounces of water
Before drinking coffee or eating food, drink about 16 ounces of water. Add lemon or cucumber if you have some on hand. This is refreshing and helps wake up your metabolism.
5. Eat Breakfast to avoid snacking
Remember the breakfast you prepped yesterday? Pull out all of those ingredients, or the pre-made meal, and enjoy! Eating breakfast will stop you from snacking on all of those things that you are trying to avoid!!

Finish getting ready and then leave 5 minutes earlier than you usually do so that you’re not worried about traffic. Hold your head high, because you are beautiful. You are now ready to CONQUER the rest of your day!! See, that wasn’t so hard! You’ve got this!!

XOXO, Anna & Elisha


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