Eat your VEGGIES!

Eat your VEGGIES!

Eat your VEGGIES! We hear this all the time and we know its important, however; how many servings of fruits and vegetables do you get daily? Think about it? No, really think about it......ill give you 3 seconds
Most people do not get enough fruits and veggies in their daily diet. So how many servings should you get a day? Well, if you ask me, you will never overeat in vegetables so I would say have at least 10 servings a day! Yes, 10 servings.....oh, I already know the next questions.
I don't eat 10 times a day and how much is a serving? A serving of veggies and fruit is approximately 1/2 a cup. So that doesn't sound too bad right? That's about 2-3 servings per meal and you can mix it up! Have 2 servings of veggies, one serving of veggies and one serving of fruit, 2 servings of fruit or 2 servings of veggies and one serving of fruit. Fill that plate full of HEALTHY CARBS! Did you know veggies and fruits are considered carbs? See! not all carbs are bad. These healthy carbs will fill you up and provide you with plenty of dense nutrition for your body. this is the optimum way to fuel your body! When we eat the right foods we are providing our body with valuable nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A,C, K and all the B vitamins. People who consume plenty of fruits and veggies in their daily diets will see benefits such as reduced stress, higher energy levels, better sleep, better regularity, reduced sugar cravings and are less likely to retain unwanted weight. We cant afford to skip the fruit and veggies!
You might be thinking, I don't have any idea what to do with a variety of fruit and veggies? You definitely do not want to get bored so my suggestion is to try different veggies and fruits in different ways. For example, broccoli. Broccoli, is delicious steamed, baked, raw or sautéed in a pan with coconut oil and topped with scrambled eggs. Sweet potatoes are delicious baked into chips, mashed like mashed potatoes or cubed and cooked into stew and chili's. Fruit can also be very versatile. You can add strawberries, apples or blueberries to your salad, pineapple slices can be grilled on the barbecue then top your burger, fruit can also top plain geek yogurt to sweeten and bananas and applesauce can be used as substitute for oils in baking.  Try using avocado instead of mayonnaise in your chicken or tuna salad! the possibilities are endless!
Okay, go for it girls! I challenge you all to add more servings of fruits and veggies to your daily diet!
Peace.Love. & Support
Denise, Nutritional Guide


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