Comfort! You have to make the choice....

Comfort! You have to make the choice....

First off let me start by saying OMG two posts in one week!!! HECK YES I'm back!!!! Let me hear y'all say heeeeeyyyyyyyyy :) Ok so I have been getting a lot questions on the topic of food!!!! Ughhhhhh I know it's the last thing we want to change in our lifestyle but it needs to be the first. We have to make the choice. Do I want to eat this food for comfort? Or do I want to be comfortable in my own skin? Guess what it sucks but we can't have both :( Big sad face. But let me tell you, once you get the hang of it and start saying NO to the bad food, you feel more in control, and you start to feel empowered, and you get a high off of your own will power, and proud that you just said NO to that delicious piece of chocolate cake! So take that brain!!!


Cheat Days

Yes you get cheat days. Limit your self to once a week. So save all that built up cravings and enjoy this once a week treat. Trust me! That fudge brownie tastes a whole lot better when it is earned. You will enjoy it so much more when there is no guilt attached to those calories. So just try it for one week. Say NO to sugar and save it up for a Saturday Date night and order what ever you like and have dessert! You have to reward yourself for your hard work, but you have to EARN IT!


Yes You WILL have Bad Days

Nobody is perfect we all know that. I know a lot of people think that I never fall off the wagon. Not true, I have my bad days where I am unmotivated or I ate pizza, and chocolate and just say screw it I don't care if I gain it all back I just wanna eat allllll dayyyyy long. The key to that is by the next day you better get up in the morning with a new attitude, clear your head of yesterday! Just because you screwed up yesterday doesn't mean that today isn't a new day. So you get up and forget about what happen yesterday, DO NOT STEP on the scale and GO SWEAT IT OUT! Sometimes you need those setbacks to launch you forward. Sometimes those bad days are just what I needed to get a killer workout or run in the next day.


Holidays and Summer Time

This is the hardest time for anyone. You are with family and how do families celebrate? With FOOD! This is the time that you need to prepare yourself more mentally than anything. You need to prepare yourself to be setting in front of all kinds of delicious foods. And you need to prepare yourself to be STRONG!!! Then you refer yourself  back up to topic 1 in this post :) Have you earned it? If it's your cheat day then go ahead and enjoy yourself. If you're on vacation then you need to prepare for more than one day. Pack healthy snacks and pull those out when the good food is out in front of you. For example if the chocolate cake gets put out after dinner, (after the portion controlled dinner full of healthy choices that you just made) then it's time to pull out the almonds with a little bit of dark chocolate chips mixed in with it. This will satisfy the sweet tooth and fill you up with some good nutrition at the same time. Then ask your family if they want to join you in a evening walk. Clean up all the food so it's out of site and head out for some fresh air. Planning your meals ahead of time will save you from making bad choices. When I know that I am not going to be home for a while I prepare chicken breasts, veggies, and sweet potatoes and pack them in a cooler. You can travel with this and eat it cold if needed. This will save you trust me. But it all comes back to your choices and holding yourself accountable in making the healthy choices.  



Eating out

When I eat out I always order chicken salads, I love salads so if you don't you can ask for a piece of grilled chicken with steamed veggies on the side. I order grilled chicken and ask them to cook it plane with no seasonings, I order the salad with dressing on the side and substitute salsa in as dressing if the restaurant doesn't have salsa I use a tiny bit of ranch and lemon. This is just how I have trained myself and it works for me. I love spicy so I ask for jalapenos and crushed red pepper. The restaurants probably hate me ha! I always drink water with lemon and never waste  my calories on drinks. WATER WATER WATER. H20 is the way to go. Diet is just as bad so skip out on that too :)



Well I this is all for now. You know have a lot more tips and tricks for you coming. Don't hesitate to ask. You can also join my Flex it Pink Fitness group on Facebook we share out fitness journey's in a closed group for women only to talk openly about our daily fitness success and struggles.


I'll leave you with my current Transformation Tuesday pic! I Hope you all have a FITtastic Tuesday




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