Choose Love

Choose Love

Sometimes during times like these it's nearly impossible to dig deep and look at all the wonderful things going on in our lives. We decided to sit and write about choosing love this week and what it may look like. We know it sounds silly but, we know if we choose love it changes everything. 

Choose to Love your home... 

Treat your home as if it were your child or the best dog in the world. Clean your home daily, make your bed, wipe down the base boards, sweep the porch, pull those pesky weeds or just sit and love your home for what it is. Sounds weird right? But, how many opportunities have we had in our life time to sit and love on our home? 

I'm not suggesting to make a list of things to do to your home but just show her some love. I feel like there is a big difference here because my brain immediately goes to "I HAVE TO PAINT THE WHOLE HOUSE". But, you don't. Just, sit, relax and love your home.

Choose to Love your spouse...

Well that's easy right? I obviously love my spouse... But, really stop and admire one another for your ability to adjust, telecommute, take your business online, take some time off. My husband is used to working 120 hours per pay period and is barely working 80. He's trying really hard to do more yard work and choose to love this moment but, it's hard. It's really hard for him to not be at work. He loves his job and has committed 13 years to his company. Just love them even though the amount of dishes in the sink makes you a bit insane!

Choose to love your co-workers...

Yep. I said it. Your line of communication have just been completely turned upside down. If your organization struggled with communication prior to COVD-19 you may be feeling a bit out of the loop or too much in the loop, right? You may ask yourself, "Why am I getting this email?" "I did I not get that text?" Slack, Zoom, App what? It's hard, challenging and sooooo far out of your co-workers comfort zone they are trying their best to adjust as well. Just choose to love them and hopefully this will open our minds to be more accepting of one another during this time. 

Choose to love you...

Last but not least. Choose to love you right now. Choose love and dig deep ladies because right now in this moment we can choose to sit with ourselves in a place like no other. For some of you nothing has changed. No matter what your situation is in this pandemic is still unique to everyone. Take this time to DO less, SIT more, BREATHE often, BELIEVE more, COMPLIMENT more and in the end LOVE YOURSELF for who you are.

No matter what at the end of the day you are amazing and to rid ourselves of negativity lets CHOOSE LOVE this week.

Here's a good playlist to listen to while you re focus those thoughts. Spotify. 




  • Chasity Means: May 11, 2020

    Staying steady on my workouts!!!! My daughter has had it a little rough from online college classes and losing her job for the summer.

  • Lisa K Larson: May 11, 2020

    Thank you for this. Thank you for putting out quality merchandise and contributing to wonderful causes. Thank you for being the voice I need to hear some days. I haven’t responded to the blog before, but I want you to know that your words hit home with me all the time.

    Thank you for being who you are and for helping women be the best they can be.

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