Benefits of Running. You don't want to miss these tips!

Benefits of Running. You don't want to miss these tips!

We’ve all heard that running is good for us, but do you know how good?  Some people love running just because they love the actual run.  Some of us, love how we feel after the run and that’s why we do it!  Either way, there are lots of amazing reasons why running is something we recommend!

Here are some of the many benefits to running, at any age!

Goodbye stress, hello happy!

Running has been shown to be a fantastic stress reducer.  You don’t need to be a marathon runner and get that “runner’s high,” even running an hour a week can lower your stress and give your brain a happy buzz!
Insomniac’s dream
Having trouble sleeping?  Running can help!  You’ll find that you’re actually sleepy at night and can have a wonderful night’s sleep.  Even if you don’t have insomnia, a great night’s sleep does wonders for mood and energy.  

Healthier Heart

Running does wonders for the heart as well as blood pressure and cholesterol.  Your heart rate is a great indicator for over-all health.  So, improve the heart, and your whole body will benefit!

What a cute outfit!

Shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, socks, there are so many cute clothes when running!  A cute outfit is always an extra reason to go for a run!  If you feel good doing it, you’ll want to keep it up!  Don’t wait until you are at your “ideal size” to get cute clothes, get them now!   And not to toot our own horn, but we have a lot of cute stuff in the Flex It Pink online store.  ;)

Breathe Easy

Going for a run at least a couple times a week will significantly improve your lung function, even if you have asthma!  With greater lung strength, you’ll have greater endurance to do all the things you need to do!  Walking upstairs, carrying heavy things, running and walking, everything is better when you can breathe easy and deep.

Stronger bones

Your muscles aren’t the only things that are getting stronger!  Running improves your bone density as well.  As we age, our bone density is likely to go down, and running can reverse that process, or at least slow it down.  Running at any age is good for your bones.

Healthy Weight Loss

Running is a one of the best way to burn off calories, which usually results in weight loss!  Running is also a great way to keep track of NSV’s or Non-Scale Victories.  You’ll notice your clothes fitting better, inches lost off your body.  The more you see the success, the more you’ll fall in love and want to keep going!

Make Friends- Have Fun!

Running can be done alone, or with friends!  We’ve made some life-long friends through running.  Some people decide to go really crazy and do things called a RAGNAR- a relay race run by a team of about 12 people run about 200 miles over two days and one night.  Other races aren’t as long, but you’ll find people dressed up like at the Disney Princess half marathon.  Some people like to go on “Run-cations,” vacations where they travel to do a race, and they’ll often go with friends.  Running can be a very social activity and fun!  

Photo: RunDisney

Increased energy all day long

Have you noticed that you have more energy all day long when you run?  At the beginning, of course you’re tired and sore and getting used to it.  But keep going, because after it becomes routine, then you’ll notice that you have even more energy!

You’ve got this!

We already talked about weight loss, and there is some increased confidence that comes from that.  But even if you don’t lose weight on the scale, you are strengthening your muscles, running farther and faster than you ever were before.  Your body is conquering with every run, and that gives you the feeling that you can do anything.  That kind of confidence bubbles over into every part of your life! Increased confidence and self-esteem is yours when you run!

Alone at last

One of our favorite things about running is that it is sometimes the only part of the day where we can focus on ourselves!  The rest of the day is filled with work, or kids, or meals, or cleaning, or everything else that fills the day.  But when you put on those shoes and hit the pavement or the treadmill, we get to run away from all of those for a little bit of time.  

If you are just beginning a running regimen, make sure to start slow and ramp up!  Check out our blog post on how to do just that.  Also make sure to consult your doctor before starting any training program.

Enjoy the run, you deserve it and all the good things that come from running!  

XOXO, Anna & Elisha


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