Antioxidants in Coffee

Antioxidants in Coffee

Antioxidants in Coffee

You read it right.  Your favorite morning ritual and kick start to the day just got even better.  With more and more research proving the health benefits associated with drinking coffee, a cup, or even three, a day, could actually promote wellness.  Filled with hundreds of antioxidants, coffee may be a super beverage you don’t want to miss out on!


What are antioxidants, though?  In their simplest form, antioxidants are compounds that protect our cells from damage!  By neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants have the power to prevent these reactive chemicals from harming our bodies (National Cancer Institute).  But each of us only produces a limited amount of antioxidants on our own. The amount we need to truly defend our cells requires intake of antioxidants from external sources, which is where our favorite pick-me-up beverage comes in. 

Coffee Antioxidants

While fruits, vegetables, and certain grains are excellent sources of antioxidants, research shows that coffee may be the primary source of antioxidants for most individuals.  Packed with hundreds of free radical fighting chemicals, coffee is more powerful than a cup of green tea or cocoa when it comes to antioxidant activity (Healthline). 

Filled with Cafestol, Trigonelline, Chlorogenic acid, Hydroxycinnamic acid, Melanoidins, and Quinine, coffee's several antioxidants can help reduce inflammation, decrease oxidation, and fight chronic disease (Coffee Science).


Health Benefits

So what does this really mean for us?  That our love for coffee may actually be quite beneficial to our health.  With its high antioxidant levels and caffeine boost, coffee has several reasons to be enjoyed (One Medical): 

  1. Reduces our Risk of Cancer
  2. Prevents Cognitive Decline
  3. Decreases our Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  4. Increases Brain Activity
  5. Curbs Depression
  6. Promotes a Healthy Liver
  7. Fights Premature Aging


Of course, like most things, coffee should be consumed in moderation.  Drinking too much coffee can lead to high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and acid reflux.  Excess consumption may also lead to insomnia, decreasing our quality of sleep, and therefore, our overall health.  

However, one to three cups of coffee per day does have the power to benefit us, assuming we keep the sweetener and sugar-laden creamer to a minimum ;)


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