8 Tips to stay focused

8 Tips to stay focused


As the holiday season approaches, it’s easy to forget about our healthy lifestyles and fitness goals.  Suddenly our hectic schedules, food-filled parties, family vacations, and more, shift our focus, leaving exercise last on our priority list. 

However, keeping fit during this time of year, doesn’t have to be hard!  With a little planning and dedication, you can make it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, like a pro. 

Try our list of tips to stay focused this holiday season!

  1. Workout in the Morning  

Avoid brushing off your plan to exercise at the end of the day by jumping into a routine right after you wake up!

  1. Select a Goal to Accomplish Before the New Year.  

You don’t have to wait until January 1st to set a goal. In fact, you can walk into the new year the healthiest you’ve ever been.  Just choose a goal and stick to it through December!

  1. Choose Healthy Family Activities that Incorporate Exercise. 

Walks after dinner, a family hike, a playful football game!  There are so many ways to keep you and your family moving, even during the holiday!

  1. Set Goals for a New Personal Race Record.  

It’s the end of the year, why not end it with a new PR??

  1. Grab an Accountability Buddy!  

Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself in line, but if you have someone to depend on and who depends on you, you both are more likely to stick to you plan!  Just make sure they have a similar fitness goal in mind!

  1. Drink Plenty of Water! 

Not only is it important to stay hydrated this time of year, but drinking a lot of water will keep you full, making you less likely to snack on so much food at those holiday parties. 

  1. Mini-Workouts Exist! 

Travel, busy schedules, and vacations sometimes get in the way of a full workout.  But just because you can’t stick to your regular routine, doesn’t mean you have to forgo exercise all together.  Try mini-workouts, even if you can only fit in ten minutes, that’s worth something!

  1. Complete FIP Challenges ;) 

We choose our challenges to help you all stay motivated and focused, even during a hectic holiday season!  





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