7 Summer Adventures to Have with Your Family

7 Summer Adventures to Have with Your Family

Hey Beauties!

Are you worried that your kids are having too much screen time? July is the perfect time to get outside and have an adventure!! Kids are out of school, and you may need some ideas on how to get away from TV, video games, or phones. Get outside, grab your kids, your dog, your best friend, whoever, and make some memories! These are the kinds of things that you will remember and look back on.
Our challenge for you is to pick a day or a weekend and unplug! Connect with your kids and with nature and get out and have fun! Here are a few suggestions for you, so go out and rock it!

1. Go Hiking

Our personal favorite: hiking is a fantastic way to connect with nature and get a work out in at the same time! Find a local trail, either at the mountains or state park, or even local caves. Few things will give you a better feeling of accomplishment than standing on top of a mountain that you just conquered. You will stand at the top, breathe in the majesty of the view, and realize that if you could do that, you can do anything! (Hint, your shirt from the July box will remind you to challenge your limits and be brave & take risks!)

We came across an awesome article that lets you find local hikes in your area and lists the difficulty level. Find it here: https://www.rei.com/opt-outside/activity/any?lat=47.4&lng=-122.3

2. Walk around the block

You don’t need to go far away to have an adventure! New experiences are all over your own neighborhood. Create a scavenger hunt or go geo-cashing. Some communities like to leave painted rocks for other people to find, maybe you’ll get lucky. Or you could leave some of your own! Even finding an ant hill or bird’s nest can be the coolest thing for your kids to see.

3. Play at the park

Parks are the best! Not only do they have slides, swings, or other playground equipment, but the grassy areas are full of potential! Grab a baseball and a bat or a soccer ball and you can have the time of your life. Or if you just have a couple friends, tag is a classic for a reason. Running around outside is also a great workout, and the smiles on your kids’ faces is worth all the sweat!

4. Backyard paradise

Your own backyard is the perfect place for summer too! Create a fort using boxes or blankets, or even set up a tent and camp. Make an obstacle course, or you can make your own garden and grow herbs and vegetables!

5. Get wet

Summer is the most awesome time to go to a lake or beach to cool down! If you are one of those lucky people with access to a boat, then water sports like wake surfing or water skiing is an awesome adventure. Exploring the shore is also a great way to have a new experience. Explore tide pools, feed the birds, collect shells. Make a sandcastle or a sand village, the sky’s the limit!

6. Show your creative side

One cheap, easy way is to have fun is to grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk. Create your own mini golf course, hop scotch, or Twister. Sneak over to your friends’ driveways and leave them chalk notes about how great they are to make their day.

7. Lights Out

As it gets dark, lay on the grass and look up. There is nothing more beautiful than a night sky full of stars. Catch fireflies. Or, play flashlight hide-and-seek (the person who is “it” has the flashlight), or capture-the-flag with glow sticks as flags.

Let us be a part of your adventure by tagging photos from your adventure with #FIPAdventures! We are here cheering you on, we know you are capable of amazing things and we are just lucky to be here with you. You got this, beautiful!


Anna and Elisha 


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