10 Ways To Track Your Fitness

10 Ways To Track Your Fitness

We love to be motivated and get real-time numbers to keep us on track- with our eating, drinking, and activity.  We compiled a list of 5 wearable fitness trackers and 5 of our favorite running apps to help you compare and make the best choice!   No matter what you wear or what app you have running, just get out there and enjoy it!!  Exercise is a reward, not a chore.  Find fun activities that you like doing.  If running isn’t your thing, find a Zumba® or kickboxing class.  Try yoga or swimming.  But if you do love running and tracking all the things, keep reading!!



  1. FitBit Surge

The FitBit Surge helps you pursue your passion with continuous heart rate readings, long battery life, and GPS tracking.  You can also see all your calls and notifications on the large display while you track your steps while also controlling the music you listen to.  If the $199.95 price tag is a little out of your price range, FitBit has many more watches that still use the fantastic dashboard software to keep you motivated all day long!

  1. Garmin Vivosmart HR+

The Vivosmart HR+ is a little slimmer, which has its pros and cons.  It’s less clunky on your wrist, but you have less screen space.  But you can still take advantage of smart notifications that include email, text, call, social media, calendar alerts, and more.  It also tracks your intensity- how fast you jog or walk whether indoors or outdoors.  It also has GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring and also boasts a sleek software for your desktop or phone.  The Vivosmart HR+ is $149.99, and Garmin has several other watches to choose from as well!

  1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is more feminine- the company believes that “women need to focus on their own strengths, their own capabilities, and their own beauty.”  The tracker can be adapted to be worn as a watch, a necklace, or clipped on your waist.  They have many accessories to make it your own!  The Leaf Urban is less of a fitness tracker, and more of a health tracker.  It predicts stress based on your lifestyle habits.  It will alert you when you are stressed and help you with guided breathing and meditation exercises to help you relax. It doesn’t need to be charged because there is a replaceable battery that can last between two and six months.  It starts at $139.00, but you should definitely check out all of the necklaces and bracelets to customize even more.

  1. Jawbone UP3

Even though there is no display, don’t pass over the Jawbone UP3!  It looks more like a piece of jewelry than a watch, so it’s versatile- from every day to night!  With this tracker, you get personalized guidance from SmartCoach as well as advanced sleep tracking that captures REM and will silently wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.  During runs, the Jawbone UP3 will measure intensity based on your heart rate and give you tips on how to keep your heart healthy and strong! There are many colors to choose from and it starts at $166.00!

  1. Misfit Shine 2

Need a fitness tracker that you can take with you in the pool?  Look no further!  This watch with the simple design will give you vibration alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms.  It also tracks steps, distance, calories, and restful sleep.  You don’t have to charge it, the battery can last up to six months before needing to be replaced.  It is the most budget-friendly of the bunch, starting at $79.99.


  1. Charity Miles

If you are running any way, why not run for one of thirty world-class charities?  Companies like Humana, Johnson & Johnson and Chobani will sponsor you as you run miles!  Support causes like Stand Up To Cancer, Wounded Warrior Project, Girl Up, and many more!

  1. Nike Run

This app can help you track your pace, location, distance, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits!  You can also get coaching that is personalized to your goals and fitness level and adapts as you progress.  It is one of the most motivating things to hear your coach encourage you, you’ll wish that you had one for every part of your life!  You can also add friends and compete on the leaderboard, encouraging each other along the way.

  1. RockMyRun

Having a hard time finding the right playlist for your run?  Not anymore with RockMyRun!  With this app, you can automatically have music that matches your pace so that you are hitting your stride and loving your run!  You can also use it for cycling, resistance training, and all of your favorite machines at the gym!

  1. MapMyRun

Do you like to plan your run ahead of time so that you run the distance that you want?  MapMyRun is an awesome way to know where you’re going and see where you’ve been!  They have over 70 million routes to choose from, or you can create your own!  You can also log your nutrition and get social with friends to get some extra encouragement!

  1. Strava

This app was made for athletes, by athletes.  Track and analyze just about everything you could ever want to know about your activity.  If you are all about performance, this app is for you!  It syncs with just about any device and records just about any performance metric you can imagine, plus a few more!  It’s also a social network for athletes with clubs that you can join.  They also have Beacon, which can share your location in real time with a partner, parent, or coach just in case of an emergency.

Do you want even more apps to improve your fitness?  Check this article out: Top 10 Running Apps for IPhone

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