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Virtual Run FAQ

What is included in my race pack?

Your amazing Flex it Pink race pack includes a custom finishers medal, race bib, instructions and custom tank or tee, just like any other race. Depending on the race, sometimes the featured charity includes extra swag to add to your packs.

When will I receive my race pack?

All race packs are launched as a PRE ORDER and will ship the first week of the race month.  We always make sure you have your race pack and finishers medal before the designated race dates which are listed in each race's product description.

Featured Race months are February, April, June, August, October and December.

How do I submit my finish time?


#FlexitPink - Message/Timeline -

You can screen shot your running app miles, take a photo of your treadmill miles, or just a beautiful smile with your new race bling. We have a couple different ways that you can submit your completed miles. We will provide a special hashtag to post your finishers photo on Instagram (if your profile is private we will not be able to view your photos), you can also post photos to our Facebook timeline, or email us your finishers photos at You can visit our Facebook page to view our previous Virtual Race Finisher Photos to see all the beautiful people who have participated in our races from around the world.

How do I track my miles?

You can track your miles by using any fitness tracker app.

For more running app ideas check out our blog post!

How do you know I completed my miles?

We don't. But, it is all based off an honor system. Usually people don't want to wear something that they haven't earned.

Who can participate?

Everyone is encouraged to participate -- all ages and fitness levels are welcome. It’s a great way to stay motivated! We offer medal only run packs for those little ones or pups joining you!

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We ship world wide, and we love our international participants. Please keep in mind, there is a small, additional shipping charge to send internationally along with customs fees.

What charity am I running for?

Every one of our races benefit a different charity. You will receive information (and sometimes goodies) from our charity in every race pack.

How much of my registration fee proceeds go to charity?

Flex it Pink makes donations to our featured charities after each event. The amount we donate to each charity may vary from event to event, depending on the cost to run the event and the amount of participation. The amount donated is 50% of proceeds. We hope to be able to increase our donations as the numbers in race participation grows, and we all can make an even larger impact on the charities we support in the future. Our virtual runs help spread awareness and raise funds for worthwhile causes but if you are looking to maximize your contribution to a specific charity, please donate to them directly.

How do we choose our charity?

Flex it Pink selects charities that we support and believe in. Most of the charities you run for, we have worked with for a few years now and some we have even volunteered our personal time at. We do advance research on all our charity partners and work closely and stay in direct contact with them. We post all our charity donations and thank you letters that we receive on our social media outlets for you to receive thanks for your run. You are truly making a difference with every mile.

Can I still complete my miles before or after the race dates? 

Yes, you most definitely can! We will honor any miles that come in before or after the race dates. You can complete your miles whenever it works best for you.

How many miles do I need to complete?

We encourage you to complete a 5K which is 3.1 miles. We just added a 10K as well which is 6.2 miles, but you can run more miles if you want. The mile range is all up to you!

Do I have to complete my miles all at once?

It's up to you. But, we encourage you to complete your miles all at once. However, if you are unable to do so, you can complete your miles over time.

Is the virtual race included in my monthly box?

Yes indeed it is! Every other month you will receive the Flex it Pinks virtual 5k/10k to include the entire race pack.

Why did my monthly box come in an envelope/poly mailer?

Every Virtual Race month we ship all race packs in an envelope/poly mailer. Every other month is your monthly box of FIP swag that will come in an actual box.

Box Months: January, March, May, July, September, November.

Virtual Race Months: February, April, June, August,October, December

SEE Monthly Subscription Box FAQ Page for further details
on all things Subscription Box!

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