What is Flex it Pink?

We created Flex it Pink in 2013 as a place for women to go to feel supported, empowered, loved, and just a place to vent when the going gets tough. Our number one priority is to help support, educate, and lead every woman who needs help in each step of their journeys without judgment. We take pride on Flex it Pink always being a no-judgment zone. We have created monthly subscriptions and the cutest fitness and athleisure apparel as an added bonus to support you in your health and fitness journey. They are guaranteed to keep you motivated, moving, and feeling beautiful!!! 

Flex it Pink is here for you and will continue to offer you the best community out there. Big Hugs and High Fives!


Flex it Pink Team

Meet the FiP Team Members

Anna Snyder

Hi FiP!! I am Anna, your Co-Founder/Co-Owner of FiP. I am a long time small town gal and a mother to two teenage girls. I have been married for 18 years to my husband, Joe who helped me through all the FiP endeavours and has been my rock throughout this journey. I enjoy taking care of my small farm, hanging out with my goats and chickens,  gardening, taking adventures with my family,  going to the beach, hiking the mountains and I absolutely love everything fitness related.

I fell in love with fitness about 14 years ago and have had a passion for it every since. I enjoy being in the weight room and challenging my body to its fullest potential. I have ran several half marathons, 10ks, 5ks, done a fitness competition, done crossfit competitions and have hiked one of the highest mountains in the contiguous United States, which is one of my greatest and most treasured accomplishments.  I also coach boot camp classes at a local MMA gym. I  love to program fitness challenges and workouts for the Flex it Pink Community.

With my passion in fitness, my business partner and friend, Elisha Villanueva, and I built Flex it Pink, an online e- commerce business and community that caters to women of all shapes and sizes, offers support, motivation, empowerment, and the cutest fitness apparel and affordable monthly subscriptions. I hope to continue to provide the community all the tools they need to have a successful  health and fitness journey.

Elisha Villanueva

Hi Flex it Pink! I’m Elisha your Flex it Pink co-founder/owner. I am a mother to 3 amazing kids. Vanessa is 21 years old, Vince just turned 15, and I have my baby who will be 13 in September wow where does that time go? I have a passion for all things outdoors. I have been happily married to my husband, Brian for 18 years. He's my #1 supporter and one of FiP silent partners.

Hiking is my all-time favorite hobby. I am proud to say I have hiked the tallest mountain in the lower 48, Mt. Whitney and we hike it in one day, which was insane, by the end of that day I was questioning my love for hiking haha. I love running and CrossFit/bootcamp style workouts, I have ran several half marathons and have a few CrossFit competition trophies to be proud of. 

When my youngest was a baby I made a choice to change my life. I have always been overweight even as a child and after I gave birth to my youngest I hit an all time high of 220lbs. I knew that I had to make a lifestyle change for my babies and their health, because we all know our children do as we do and not as we say right. By the time my youngest was 1 year old I had lost 80lbs and for the first time in my whole life not only losing weight but I was peeling off layers and discovering the person who I was meant to be. 

Anna was a childhood friend of mine and became a huge supporter in my weight loss and fitness journey. I knew that together we could be a powerhouse for all women to accomplish their own goals and lifestyle changes. Flex it Pink was born in 2012 thanks to the amazing women who surrounded me. Empowered women empower women.

Katie Duran

Hey there! I’m Katie and I’ve been part of Flex it Pink since 2018. I started out as a customer, then moved on to ambassador and Squad Leader. I'm now a part of the Customer Support Team and work on FIP VIP product partnerships. I’m a cancer survivor and also work in Clinical Research when not hanging out in the Flex it Pink Fitness group or responding to your questions and messages. I love being part of the Stretch Pants Mafia!

My favorite…
1. Flex it Pink item- probably the stealth leopard weekender/gym bag or the joggers from the athleisure subscription or the emerald ribbed leggings and bra set. So hard to pick 1 item!

2. Workout- lifting weights, hula hooping, or riding my Peloton

3. Healthy lifestyle tip- drink all the water!

4. Color- Purple

5. TV show- Friends

Fun Fact: I’ve danced in a Super Bowl pregame and halftime show.

Kristi Coghlan

Hi, Flex it Pink. I am Kristi. I am Anna's Aunt. I work part time for FiP. I do the shipping and help packaging hundreds of orders for the FiP community. I have been working with them for over 5 years.

I have been with my high school sweetheart for 30 years.  I have two adult children ( a boy and girl) and two loveable grandbabies.

I have been following FIP from the beginning. My first FIP virtual 5k was the 2nd annual pink pumpkin run October 2014. After that, my daughter and I did all of them and we even got my mom to walk them with us. We made it a family event. 

I love being part of FIP. I get to see what goes on from the inside and it's awesome to see just how many girls from all over the world who are all part of this online community and I admire the support for each other and how they all cheer each other on. An added bonus is, I always have awesome new clothing! 

Fun Facts about me...
-I love animals, plants and rocks! These are the things that make me happy!

- My favorite color is green but I mostly wear black.

- When my husband and I go out for dinner we walk or ride our bikes.

- When I was a kid I did jazz dance and I even did  belly dance for a while. 

- My favorite fitness activity is running. I run everyday with Dixie, my dog best running buddy. 

- I love races. I love the energy of a race crowd. 

- I've done many 5ks, several half marathons and a couple of marathons including the LA marathon.

- My daughter and I like to make up our adventure challenges. Our biggest was we ran 30 miles to dinner.

I look forward to growing with FiP and continuing to pack each package with all the FiP Love.

Jennifer Villanueva

I am blessed to be a part of Flex it Pink and the amazing women who bring together thousands of kindred spirits looking for a place to shine and grow without any expectations or labels.  I am Elisha's Sister -in-Law and I am currently one of your customer service representatives. I am a mother of 6 beautiful daughters and two perfect little granddaughters it’s important to me that, as young women, they know they are loved, no matter what box the world might make them believe they have to fit into.

As a woman, I believe the true nature of our strength lies in the collective moments of our conquered fears and weaknesses, the challenges we faced and failed, and most importantly from the power we take away from those lessons.  Each, and every woman at FiP draws their strength and power from their own moments and shares it, to continue empowering other women who just need to know they are not alone.

Over the years, I’ve been too skinny, super healthy, and overweight.  Some days I feel old…some days I feel fat…and some days I walk through the kitchen with a swagger Beyonce would be proud of!!  Sometimes I hit goals and then eat a chocolate cake, drink water for a week then binge on Trulys Friday night…I even bought a Peloton but still convince myself some days that walking my dog around the block definitely burns as many calories as a workout LOL!

Taking care of ourselves can be hard ladies, sometimes exhausting.  I think deep down we all just want to be the best version of ourselves, to feel like we are not in it alone and to know that it’s worth the work.  Having the women of Flex it Pink beside me reminds me daily that I am important, accepted and without doubt WORTH IT!!  Being able to lift up and encourage other women who are a part of the FiP family and fitness group is not a job for me, it is a privilege and something that fills up my happy cup.  So, remember anytime you have any questions or concerns, I am part of the team waiting on the other end ready to help make sure YOU always feel important and worth it too!!

The Flex it Pink Community

A group of fearless ladies who exude self confidence and helps build a fellow FiP sista up-not tear her down.

Flex it Pink community is a community filled with women from all walks of life. We support  all shapes, sizes, and age of women from all around the world. We created the FiP community to help support, inspire, motivated and educate women to live a FULL, HAPPY, HEALTHY, And FIT lifestyle. This community will lift one another up, be a shoulder to lean on, and will be your BIGGEST cheerleader. The FiP community will always be there for you. We are stronger together. Be apart of what this community has to offer and join the best girl gang ever.