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Kristy W.
The best virtual women subscription

I am someone who struggles with depression and anxiety although I’m very outgoing and a people person, I like to do things when I want too and not conform to a schedule. This in every way helps me achieve my goals both in health and person and to boot AT MY PACE!! I’d love to work for a company that Exemplifies the passion and love by flexitpink. The wording and compassion shown in these postcards, are my encouragement then some I come in contact on a daily basis. Although, the creators are beautiful fit people, they treat everyone trying and pushing along their journey the same and equal. Your love, encouragement, compassion, and all that you give, is keeping this sometimes sad-depressed gal from giving up. That the sum of something is better than nothing.

Emma R.

Love the fit and style

Heather B.
FIP package perfection!

I absolutely love my FiP goodies!! My bib, medal, and shirt are perfect! Thank you!!

Shelley B.

FIP Virtual 5K Subscription

Lisa M.
I love a V 5k and I love FIP

I have 2 FIP subscriptions. My 5k comes with the best medals and cutest tee. They are always so supportive in the messages in each box. The best part, I get 2 boxes every other month.