Do you FEAR your "WHY"?

Hello Beauties Elisha here. Today I’m touching on the topic of weight loss and one of the big questions I get often.  “What about all the loose skin? I’m so scared to lose weight and have a bunch of loose skin. Where does it all go?” I will start off by saying that loose skin was never in my mind, a question, or concern I had when I started my weight loss journey. I think that is because I stared my journey not to look good in the first place. I mean don’t get me wrong of course I wanted to look good and feel good in my clothes and lose weight, but my “WHY” was because I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to be healthy and in shape to run around with my children at the park, and be here long enough to see my own children have children. I wanted to raise my children with veggies on their plates and active lifestyles.  Of course when I started my journey Social Media was not as big as it is now and I didn’t have Instagram accounts to scroll through and compare my body to.

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In a way I think Social Media is hurting people in their journey because a lot of them are doing it for the wrong reasons. They are creating Instagram accounts for followers, for likes, for acceptance. They are putting their bodies out to the world for people to comment however they like on them, and lets face it people are cruel.  Let’s not pretend that hurtful words from a stranger who means absolutely nothing to you still don’t sting.  I will be the first to admit that having a weight loss social media account does help because it can help keep you accountable.  It is also great to see that EVERY BODY is DIFFERENT. Every body will react differently to weight loss. There are so many factors that play in loose skin, how much weight you lost, how fast you lose it, etc. Some will have lots of loose skin, some will bounce back easily and firmly, some are still never happy, and some are extremely happy. Then you have the followers who are searching and searching for that one person who happen to have found that magic way to lose weight. They are the ones who ask “how did you do it?”  over and over on every weight loss account, because they are still in denial that healthy eating and sweating is the only right way to get it off. Personally I think it all comes down to your “WHY”! and how bad you want that "WHY". If you are doing it to have a perfect body you will be 100% disappointed with your end results, because nobody is ever 100% happy with their body, if you are doing it to hit a number on the scale you will 100% end up disappointed because that number will forever be changing and that number will not give you happiness. I can tell you that in my personal journey I did not do it for a perfect body or for a number on a scale. I did do it to be healthy and to be active with my children. I have accomplished those things and reaching that goal does make me 200% happy and satisfied.  If you are not starting your journey because you are terrified of loose skin then you need to reevaluate why you want to lose weight in the first place. Healthy should be your #1 GOAL! Loose skin is the very last of your worries honey. You have so much more to gain in life and in happiness by choosing to start to live a healthy lifestyle, than staying where you are because of the fear of something that you don’t even know will be an issue for you.  All you have to do is START!!! Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR!



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