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Flex It Pink, Inc
Women breaking the epidemic and becoming EPIC! Flex it Pink Girls!

FLEXITPINK is a community of women out there that already exists. FLEXITPINK is not about muscles it is about STRONG EMPOWERING WOMEN. Women who are fighting to live a better life rather it be their first step in their journey or far into their journey we are here to support you. We are fighters and we have the biggest muscle, and it’s called heart.

Whether you LIFT, RUN, CYCLE, SWIM, SURF, STEP, CROSSFIT, YOGA, or run around with children on your hip, you are part and need a break and support in your PINK life, you are part of the Flex it Pink Team and we want you to spread the support.

In this day our nation is undergoing an obesity epidemic. It is a women’s instinct to nurture and care for their children/loved ones over themselves. We at FLEXitPINK want to remind women that they deserve that time to themselves and encourage women to FLEXITPINK. Take that time and work on YOU.

Did you know that 1 out of 4 Americans live a sedentary life? We want that statistic to change and it starts with the PINK community. Our children and future children will follow our examples and we want those examples to be strong in every aspect of life, mind and body. FLEXitPINK ladies!!!

MISSIONPINK is part of our heart and soul-- not only do we offer custom team branded gear and special designs for Relay for Life, Breast Cancer awareness and The American Cancer Society with 50% of profit on these items going to the underlying cause, but we also donate 10% of ALL net profit EVERY YEAR to cancer charities and research. Our account is set up with Relay for Life.

Experts estimate that at least a third of all adult cancer cases are linked to lifestyle, which is within OUR control. Remember with every healthy choice you make and every unhealthy habit you drop you are reducing your risk of cancer, while adding days to your life. MISSIONPINK and FLEXITPINK working together for the CURE! Join MISSIONPINK! Use hashtag #FlexitPink and #missionpink